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5 Insurance Companies in Noida to Know

Insurance is a large and diverse industry that presents numerous opportunities to job seekers. These companies protect assets and individuals through comprehensive policies, and many are tapping into tech to elevate their products and provide better customer experiences. Below are some of the top insurance companies in Noida.

Top Insurance Companies in Noida to Know

  • Allianz Partners
  • Tata AIG
  • Xceedance
  • HDFC Ergo
  • Care Health

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Top Insurance Companies in Noida

Allianz Partners is under the Allianz umbrella and provides health, life, travel and automotive insurance in over 75 countries. The company is classified as a B2B2C organization, meaning that it partners with other businesses to provide future-proof insurance products to consumers.


Tata AIG provides comprehensive insurance products, with offices and branches in Noida. It covers automobiles, scooters, health insurance and travel. Additionally, Tata AIG has longstanding partnerships with Tata Group and American International Group to enhance its offerings and provide business insurance.


Working adjacent to insurers, Xceedance provides essential support and tech services needed in the insurance industry. The Boston, Massachusetts-based company has offices in India, the United Kingdom, Poland and Australia and offers automation and data analytics services. According to Xceedance, its services help insurance companies launch new products and optimize their operations.

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HDFC Ergo is a large insurance company using tech to strengthen its products and services. The company provides health, automobile, pet, travel and home insurance. It boasts a sizable cashless health and auto network, which aims to help customers process their claims easily.


Care Health Insurance specializes in medical insurance and provides various products and services including health insurance, personal accident insurance, micro insurance and rural coverage. Care Health has multiple branches, offices and care facilities in Noida.

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