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A New Comprehensive Insurance Program for Security and Fire Alarm Service Providers

WOODBRIDGE, N.J., February 13, 2024 – NIP Group, the leading specialty insurance provider with over 35 years of experience, announces the launch of its latest industry-specific insurance program, AlarmPro™. Designed to meet the specialized needs of residential and commercial security and fire alarm service providers, AlarmPro offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to business insurance within the industry.

With decades of experiencing protecting safety-focused organizations, NIP Group’s AlarmPro provides comprehensive coverage and risk management services tailored to established operators. This program addresses the individual needs of:

  1. Residential Security Alarm Contractors: Trusted by millions of single-family homes nationwide, these operators have many years of industry experience, advanced safety measures, and specialize in installing, maintaining, and monitoring alarm and surveillance equipment.
  2. Commercial Security and Fire Alarm Contractors: These experienced operators serving retail stores, offices, and manufacturing facilities have longstanding safety records and a commitment to rigorous safety management and training. This includes fire alarm service providers and those operators who have delegated their monitoring to a certified Central Station.

AlarmPro will initially serve companies in select states, including California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York (outside of 5 boroughs), and Pennsylvania. A key differentiator for AlarmPro is its comprehensive package coverages, including: General Liability, Errors & Omissions, Auto, Workers’ Compensation, Umbrella / Excess, Property, Inland Marine, Equipment Breakdown, EPLI, and Cyber Security insurance.

Eligible Class Codes include:

  • 91127 Alarms and alarm systems—installation, servicing or repair
  • 91130 Alarms—security systems—monitoring
  • 91551 Communication Equipment Installation—industrial or commercial (includes residential)
  • 98111 Office Machines or Appliances—installation, inspection, adjustment or repair
  • 99650 Television or Radio Receiving Set Installation or Repair

We encourage insurance brokers and experienced service providers to explore how AlarmPro can enhance the safety and growth prospects of the security and fire alarm service industry. For additional details on the AlarmPro program, please visit NIPGroup.com/AlarmPro or reach out to AlarmPro Business Development lead, Shayne Malone, at shmalone@nipgroup.com.

About NIP Group

NIP Group is the leading specialty insurance provider, offering comprehensive package solutions and monoline insurance products for 25+ industries and 50+ classes. For more than 35 years, we’ve proudly partnered with best-in-class, A+ XV rated carriers and a trusted, national network of insurance brokers, working together to protect safety-focused organizations from coast to coast. Learn more at NIPGroup.com.

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