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About 4 million New Yorkers impacted by medical company’s data breach, New York Attorney General Letitia James says

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NEW YORK — Attorney General Letitia James is warning New Yorkers affected by a medical company’s data breach to take action to prevent identity theft.

In May 2023, the medical transcription company Perry Johnson & Associates became aware of a breach affecting their systems. Some of the breached data included social security numbers, insurance information and clinical information from medical transcription files.

At least 4 million people in New York City and Syracuse have been impacted by the breach, which has affected Northwell Health and Crouse Health.

Most New Yorkers whose data was impacted have been notified.

The AG says customers should consider the following ways to protect themselves:

  • Monitor their credit,
  • Consider placing a credit freeze, which would prevent thieves from opening a new account in their name,
  • Place a fraud alert on their credit report so lenders can take extra steps to verify their identity before issuing credit,
  • Obtain copies of their medical records and review them for any errors,
  • Contest unrecognized medical billing,
  • And inform their insurance company.

Anyone who falls victim to medical identity theft can file a report with the FTC online or by calling 877-438-4338.

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