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Achmea wants to reduce emissions from insured cars

Achmea wants to reduce the emissions of the cars it insures. These efforts are part of the climate goals of the Dutch insurer, which is behind brands such as Centraal Beheer and Interpolis.

The insurer has set itself the interim target of reducing the CO2 emissions of its car insurance portfolio by 15 to 20 percent by 2030 compared to 2021. Achmea wants to achieve this by offering sufficient insurance for electric cars and charging stations, among other things. The insurer also wants to facilitate car sharing by adapting the insurance cover accordingly.

Achmea’s CO2 target does not relate to total car emissions, but only to the part that can be attributed to the insurers. For example, climate calculations also make manufacturers and dealers responsible for part of the CO2 emissions.

The insurer wants to be completely climate-neutral by 2050, which means that the bottom line is that no additional CO2 should be released into the atmosphere. This goal applies to its own activities, but also to investments and insurance policies. As an interim goal, Achmea is aiming for its own activities to emit zero CO2 by 2030. Investments in companies on its balance sheet are to be climate-neutral ten years later.

Achmea also announced that it intends to ask the companies in which it invests more frequently about their climate policy. There will also be discussions about sustainability with companies that Achmea insures, including in agriculture.

The CO2 emissions from Achmea’s own business activities were around 73 percent lower at the end of last year than in 2019, the company reports. The emissions of the companies in which the insurer invests were 26 percent lower than in 2020.

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