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Alternatives can help with care

I would like to commend Dr. Jeremy Hosein for the insights outlined in his article, “When insurance fails” (LJS, May 17).

After over 30 years as a family practice provider, I have seen the same tales of unnecessary suffering and loss of life brought on by the system failing many individuals. We have seen the healthcare industry change from a common-sense system to a monstrous entity that no longer serves most Americans.

Although health insurance is vital and necessary, the cost is now often prohibitive for many families. The rates get higher every year at a pace that is not commensurate with wages for most working individuals. When you use your health insurance, the rates get higher, just as using your car insurance makes your rates go up after you’ve had a minor fender-bender.

Before you meet your deductible, you pay a lot out of pocket for everyday things, like urinary and respiratory infections, minor injuries, etc. Insurance is meant to cover catastrophic things such as hospitalization and surgeries, but how do you cover everything between, before you meet your deductible (which still doesn’t cover everything)?

There is a viable alternative called “Direct Primary Care,” which can offer deep discounts on things like lab tests, imaging studies and many other benefits. Consumers need to educate themselves and make smart choices.

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