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American Modern Review: Unmasking The Reality Behind The Hype

In the car insurance industry, the customer’s trust is paramount. A company that fails to deliver on its promises and undermines that trust, inevitably faces backlash. American Modern is one such company that seems to be wrestling with this issue. Despite its decades-long presence in the industry, the company has sparked skepticism, echoed in their unsatisfactory reviews on Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot.

American Modern, much like companies in the controversial debt consolidation industry, has raised eyebrows due to questionable practices and displeased customers. Therefore, a critical review of the company’s offerings, performance and credibility is warranted. This review aims to dissect the intricate workings of American Modern’s car insurance services and shed light on the areas where they seem to falter.

In an era where transparency in business is highly valued, companies that fail to embrace this trend find themselves under the lens of scrutiny and skepticism. As we dissect the journey of American Modern, it’s necessary to remember that not all that glitters is gold. It’s essential to look beyond the glossy exterior and delve deeper into the company’s practices and performance. This review will serve as a guide to potential customers and industry observers seeking an unbiased, in-depth analysis of American Modern.

Company Background

American Modern

American Modern has a long-standing history dating back to its founding in 1965. Over the decades, it has established a solid presence in the car insurance industry, initially attracting customers with its experience and promises of comprehensive and tailored insurance coverage. However, underneath this facade, there seems to be a different story that needs to be told.

For instance, the company’s claims of top-notch customer service have been called into question by several disgruntled customers. One customer likened their experience with American Modern to the plot of the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds,” where their trust in the company vanished almost as quickly as they had obtained their policy.

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To add salt to the wound, American Modern’s track record on Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot paints a bleak image with numerous customer complaints highlighting negligence, delays, and bureaucratic hurdles in claims processing. Such instances are cause for concern and warrant a thorough investigation into the company’s practices.

In recent years, American Modern has tried to fill in the cracks by introducing new policies and tweaking existing ones. However, the question remains – are these changes enough to restore customers’ trust and salvage the company’s reputation?

Despite its longevity in the industry, American Modern has struggled to maintain its credibility, and this has inevitably cast a shadow on its overall performance. As the saying goes, “All that glitters is not gold,” and it seems like American Modern may just be a glittering example of this adage. As we proceed, we aim to dissect American Modern’s services, practices, and customer feedback in hopes of understanding the true picture.


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American Modern’s range of car insurance products and services appear comprehensive on the surface. They offer varied coverage options, including collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, liability coverage, medical payments coverage, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. However, a closer look reveals shortcomings that merit attention.

Several customers have raised concerns about the actual depth of their coverage. Interactive polls and quizzes reveal a common theme of dissatisfaction, with many customers questioning if their policy truly meets their unique needs as initially promised.

Disappointingly, reviews on BBB and Trustpilot indicate that customers’ experiences often fall short of the company’s claims. Frequent complaints suggest that the desired assistance is not provided when it is needed most – especially in the event of a claim. This disparity between the promises and the actual support provided has left many policyholders feeling lost and dissatisfied.

In addition, American Modern’s customer service has been identified as a problematic area. Many customers find the claims process to be painstakingly slow and cumbersome. This lack of efficient and effective customer support contradicts their claim of providing ‘superior service.’

In the fiercely competitive car insurance market, merely offering various insurance options does not suffice. What counts is the ability to deliver on these promises and provide timely and efficient service. In American Modern’s case, it seems there is a significant gap between what is promised and what is delivered. This discrepancy is something potential customers need to consider before entrusting their security to American Modern.

Risks and Controversies

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Any company, regardless of its standing in the industry, is not immune to risks and controversies. While American Modern has a long-standing presence in the car insurance industry, it isn’t without its share of these issues, as proven by numerous complaints lodged against it.

  • One of the most notable risks that customers face when choosing American Modern is the potential delay in claim processing. Several customers have reported facing extensive wait times when trying to avail their claims, with some even having their claims denied outright without sufficient explanation.
  • Moreover, American Modern has been at the center of several lawsuits, adding to its list of controversies. One notable case involved allegations of deceptive business practices, which further raises doubts about the company’s ethical standards and business practices.

Even though American Modern has been striving to improve its reputation, the persistent issues and controversies cannot be overlooked. It’s vital for potential customers to be aware of these risks before making a decision. After all, an insurance policy is a significant investment, and customers deserve to know if they are entrusting their safety to a company that truly values them.

American Modern Pros and Cons

Every coin has two sides, and American Modern is no exception. While there are aspects where the company shines, there are also areas of concern that cannot be overlooked. Here’s a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of American Modern’s car insurance services.


  • Wide Range of Coverage Options: From collision and comprehensive coverage to medical payments coverage, American Modern provides a variety of insurance options for customers to choose from.
  • Industry Experience: With over five decades in the industry, American Modern has a fair understanding of the market and its dynamics.


  • Poor Customer Service: A common complaint among customers is the company’s lackluster customer service. Delays in responses and the processing of claims have led to widespread dissatisfaction.
  • Frequent Claim Denials: Several customers have reported having their claims denied without sufficient explanation, leading to a distrust of the company’s claim settlement process.
  • Higher Premiums: Compared to other industry players, American Modern’s premiums are relatively high, which does not resonate well with the level of service provided.

When benchmarked against well-respected companies like State Farm and Liberty Mutual, American Modern’s shortcomings become more evident. Even when compared to companies with mixed reviews such as Allstate and Farmers Insurance, American Modern still lags in crucial areas, especially customer service and claim settlement.

The company’s reputation seems to be marred by these issues, and it is crucial that potential customers are aware of the pros and cons before committing to a policy with American Modern. Based on the available evidence, it’s clear that while American Modern might have some strengths, its weaknesses cannot be ignored and warrant serious consideration. As always, it’s crucial for customers to thoroughly research and compare different options before settling on an insurance provider.


To sum up, American Modern, with its long-standing history in the car insurance industry, does have some redeeming qualities such as a wide range of coverage options and industry experience. However, a more in-depth look at the company reveals a myriad of issues that potential policyholders cannot afford to ignore.

Persistent customer complaints, delays in claims processing, frequent claim denials, and higher premiums are significant concerns that raise questions about the company’s credibility and reliability. The recurring theme of dissatisfaction resonates with the infamous line from the classic film “Gone in 60 Seconds” – customers’ trust seems to disappear almost as quickly as it was gained.

The controversies encapsulating American Modern serve as a cautionary tale, underlining the importance of thorough research before committing to a car insurance policy. As potential customers, it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons and benchmark the company against its competitors to make an informed choice.

As the famous saying goes, “Trust, but verify.” We urge readers to delve deeper, look beyond the company’s glossy exterior, and scrutinize its offerings before making a decision. To aid in this process, we recommend using our car insurance comparison chart for a more comprehensive understanding of various options available in the market. Remember, your choice of insurance could be as pivotal as choosing between “Fast and Furious” and “Gone in 60 Seconds”.


  1. What is American Modern? American Modern is an insurance company that provides property and casualty insurance for residential property, recreational vehicles, collector cars, and boats.
  2. How reliable is American Modern’s insurance coverage? There have been concerns regarding the reliability of American Modern’s insurance coverage. A number of customers have reported claim denial and slow claim processing, which puts into question their efficiency and reliability.
  3. What is American Modern’s customer service like? Based on various reviews and feedback, the company has received mixed reviews on customer service. Some customers have complained about unsatisfactory service, with issues ranging from lack of communication to difficulty in settling claims.
  4. How easy is it to file a claim with American Modern? Filing a claim might not always be a smooth process. There have been reports about the process being slow and painstakingly long, which might be frustrating for those in urgent need of their claim.
  5. Does American Modern offer competitive prices? While American Modern might offer seemingly low insurance premiums, it’s important to factor in the overall value. The low rates might be attractive, but there have been concerns over the company’s claim handling, which diminishes the overall value of their offerings.
  6. How comprehensive are American Modern’s insurance policies? While American Modern offers a variety of insurance policies, the comprehensiveness of their coverage has been called into question. Some customers have reported insufficient coverage in their policies, leading to out-of-pocket expenses.
  7. How trustworthy is American Modern? As with any insurance company, trusting your provider is essential. Concerns over claim denials and inadequate coverage have lead some customers to question the trustworthiness of American Modern.
  8. What is the financial strength of American Modern? Though American Modern holds a respectable A+ (Superior) financial strength rating from A.M. Best, the financial strength of an insurance company doesn’t necessarily correlate with customer satisfaction or efficient claim handling.
  9. Does American Modern offer nation-wide service? Yes, American Modern Insurance Company offers service nationwide. However, the quality and efficiency of their service might vary depending on the region.
  10. What types of insurance does American Modern offer? American Modern Insurance Group offers a range of insurance types including residential, recreational vehicle, collector car, and boat insurance. However, potential customers are advised to carefully review the terms and conditions of their policies, given the concerns raised about the comprehensiveness of their coverage.

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