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An Insurance Company Pays Record Compensation for a Ferrari Totaled in a Crash

A Ferrari SF90 Stradale was totaled in a crash on a highway in Finland back in 2023. After two years of negotiations, the insurance company has to pay a record-breaking compensation.

This is probably the most expensive accident in history for an insurance company, and it involves one of the most expensive cars currently in production. The amount of compensation that the owner of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale received reportedly breaks any record. It paid over half a million dollars to cover for loss.

But how did the car get so badly deformed? Last November, the owner was driving on the highway when his car went aquaplaning. He lost control of the SF90 Stradale and went head-first into the guardrail. The front end was a complete mess. It was so deformed that you could hardly tell the hood, headlights, and grille apart. One of the wheels detached from the car in the impact and flew hundreds of feet away.

Strangely, photos from the scene of the crash show that no airbag was deployed in the impact. However, the driver walked away unharmed. The accident reportedly happened at low speed. The investigation showed that the driver did not exceed the speed limit in the area and did not violate any traffic regulations. So the aquaplaning and the crash were just misfortunate events.

The front fenders were also seriously bent and pushed backward into the doors. The owner, a Finnish entrepreneur, refused to fix the car and put it back on the road or at least keep it as a precious collectible. Ferrari only built 799 SF90 Stradale examples. So now, there is one less Stradale in the world.

Instead of giving the car another lease on life, the owner decided to hand it over to the insurance company and, in exchange, accept the money offered to him as compensation. The owner received 530,000 euros, which is the equivalent of $575,860 at the current exchange rates.

According to the local media, the Finnish owner of the Ferrari did consider fixing it. He and the insurance company evaluated the possibilities of repairing it for five months. But he ended up being sure that it wasn’t worth the trouble.

He had purchased the car two years earlier for 750,000 euros ($814,898) and had already traveled 53,000 kilometers (32,933 miles) in it. The longest journey he took with it was from Stockholm to Paris. Now, the insurance company is selling it for parts or for repair.

The former Ferrari owner has replaced the car manufactured in Maranello with a McLaren Artura, for which he paid 250,000 euros ($271,663). But he has another order pending: a Ferrari 296 GTS, rated at around 320,000 euros ($347,707).

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