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Artificial Intelligence could be selling you your next home insurance policy

How would you like to purchase your next insurance policy from a computer instead of a live person?

It’s the latest concern in Florida’s ongoing insurance crisis plaguing the state.

It’s known as “AI” or Artificial Intelligence, computers taking the places of people, and while it’s being used to some degree, there are concerns that it could ultimately get people better rates than a human being.

If it sounds like the things Sci-Fi movies are made of, you’re right. AI has become so good that many people can’t tell the computer from a real person.

But is it good enough to sell you a personalized insurance policy?

Customers like Imir Louima of Fort Myers feel like AI can be deceptive for people who don’t realize they’re communicating with AI rather than a human.

Artificial Intelligence surrounds us all as our phones will often finish sentences for us and correct misspelled words.

Our GPS in our cars and phones can give us the fastest route to get somewhere. So it doesn’t sound impossible that computers could get us the best insurance policy we need.

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Alex Dykhuizen said she wouldn’t mind buying an insurance policy from an AI if the company was reputable and the system they were using was vetted.

“I guess it really doesn’t matter who’s doing it if it’s a computer or somebody getting paid behind a computer…it’s going to give me the same result I guess,” Dykhuizen said.

Thomas Fellows researches artificial intelligence for ChatGPT, and he explains that words have become data.

“That’s why it’s so powerful and could easily take away jobs,” he said.

Fellows believes AI could ultimately get people the best insurance policy they need with the right data.

“We’re starting to see artificial intelligence become a human being. It’s starting to encompass the big 5 personality traits,” Fellows noted.

Those include extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism. ChatGPT allows human-like conversations.

“Just look at what’s happening in the grocery store, Walmart and Target,” Fellows noted.

However, Insurance Agent Reid McDaniel isn’t convinced his industry is next.

“The question for me is, is it truly artificial intelligence or is it a way for an insurance carrier to sell a terrible policy to a client and then truly not understand what they’re getting,” McDaniel responded.

 At the end of the day, he and people like Louima believe people ultimately want a human connection.

“A lot of people find it easier to deal with an AI because it could be faster or less of a hassle, but I prefer that connection,” Louima concluded.

A connection that many believe a computer isn’t capable of yet.

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