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Bad Habits To Change In The Second Semester

Bad Habits To Change In The Second Semester

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The new year is a great time to set new goals and create new, healthier habits. It is also a great time to break old habits that may not be so healthy. No matter who you are or how awesome you may be, there is always room for self-improvement and being a better person. If you need some ideas for some changes to make and habits to break in different areas of your life, look no further!

Renter habits

Those who rent a house or apartment likely have things they do that their landlords do not like. Some renters leave either trash or even belongings behind for their landlord to take care of when they are moving. When it is time to move out, it is crucial to take out your trash and make sure you have all of your belongings (including stuff in the fridge). Otherwise, your landlord will have to do a lot of extra work, especially if a lot of tenants are moving out.

As a renter, it is important that you clean your space routinely. It may be tempting to only vacuum the carpet, but you also need to occasionally shampoo the carpets to get deeply rooted dirt out. It is also crucial to keep up a general cleaning routine and do a deep clean when you move out.

Classroom habits

To get better grades and just do better academically, there are habits you can break and new habits to implement to help you reach your goals. When you are in class, avoid aimless scrolling on your social media on your laptop or on your phone. You may also be tempted to text in class. This distracts you from paying attention in class and makes you miss things that will be helpful for homework assignments, projects, and exams. Many professors have policies against electronics in class. If you are someone who is tempted to scroll, instead of taking notes on your phone or laptop, switch to taking notes using a notebook and pen. This will help you pay attention and pick up the information you need.

You may have a habit of not asking questions in class. It can be intimidating to ask questions, especially if you feel like the question is not the smartest or the question will keep the class from getting out of class early. Do not be afraid to ask the question as other students may have the same question and you may have helped them out as well. However, if you do not want to ask the question in front of the class, ask the professor privately before you leave the class or send an email.

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Workplace habits

Whether you have a paying job or just an internship, bad habits may impact your experience and make things more difficult. You may not have dressed appropriately for your job or internship. Check in with your boss or supervisor to see what the dress code is and to ensure that you are dressed appropriately. If you are given suggestions for how to dress more appropriately, be sure to take the suggestions, even if that means having to buy new clothes.

Also, you may be new to your field so you may be afraid to speak up and share ideas. However, not doing so may make you seem like you do not have anything to offer. Do not be afraid to offer ideas for things that may improve your workplace or bring up something you want to try to help out. This shows that you are taking initiative and can think critically about the career field you are in though it may be intimidating to bring these ideas up in meetings.

Shopping habits

As a college student, you are living, and shopping, on a budget. It is important that you implement good habits and get rid of bad habits. When you buy fruits and vegetables, be sure you are buying in season. Buying fruits and vegetables that are out of season is expensive because they are more limited in quantities. Knowing what is in and out of season is as simple as a Google search. You may be able to ask those who work in the store.

Also, avoid being afraid to shop for sales and coupons. It can be intimidating to make sure you buy exactly what the coupon or sale item is, but it should be specified on the coupon or sales sign. On the flip side, you should not buy things you do not need solely because they are on sale or have a coupon. If it is truly something you need and will need, go ahead and buy it. Otherwise, buying it just because it is on sale or has a coupon is still a waste of money.

There are a variety of habits that you should get rid of, especially as a student. Changing these habits now can help you achieve goals down the line.

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