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BizCover launches BizCover for Kids: Servicing the smallest of all Australian businesses – Insurance News

Watch video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6P6nIweKZM

In a bold move that rocked the insurance industry, Australia’s leading online business insurance platform, BizCover, has launched its newest service – BizCover for Kids.

BizCover for Kids specialises in providing tailored cover* for Australia’s youngest entrepreneurs while being backed by 8 new key players, including Toycover, Play Protector and Kidsinsure. The new products aim to provide similar protection as the ones currently trusted by over 220,000 Australian small businesses.

However, BizCover for Kids has been cleverly re-imagined for the playground. Starting today, ambitious young minds can protect their lemonade stands, block skyscrapers and other creations with multiple cover options previously reserved for grown-up businesses.

Small business Ash - Slime MakerPictured: Ash the Slime Maker

BizCover for Kids’ new comprehensive range of insurance policies, also known as shields for kids, include:

  • Slips, Trips and Falls Shield –This cover protects kids when their lemonade recipe turns out too sour.
  • Bad Advice Shield – For when tutoring ends up with the tutored thinking 2+2 = 5. That’s not good for any small business!
  • Ouchie Shield – Covers everything from scraped knees to a splinter from a wooden sword.
  • Stocks and Stuff Shield – For keeping your Fortress of Pillows safe, along with everything in it.

BizCover believes that CEOs come in all sizes, and it’s about time their innovative spirits and playground hustle got the respect they deserve. Whether it’s safeguarding their slime-making business or protecting their sausage sizzle restaurant, BizCover for Kids offers peace of mind so mini business owners can focus on what really matters – conquering the world before naptime.

“At BizCover, we believe that kids’ businesses are big businesses, and our commitment is to find ways to make their already busy lives easier, allowing them not only to be protected but to grow and thrive,” said Sharon Kenny, head of marketing at BizCover.

“And for every successful mini small business adventure, we are sure there will be very happy parents supporting their kids every step of the way”, added Kenny.

BizCover for Kids is now available (with parents’ permission, of course) to fight evil risks, and help young minds protect what they love while they grow their small businesses. Visit https://www.bizcover.com.au/bizcover-for-kids/ today. 

To learn more about the grown-up business insurance services BizCover offers, visit the BizCover website.

About us:

BizCover is an online insurance service that takes the headache out of business insurance. Their easy-to-use platform allows small business owners to instantly quote, compare and secure insurance policies from leading Australian insurers. No muss, no fuss and absolutely no paperwork.

Trusted by over 220,000 small businesses, BizCover is all about ensuring business insurance remains affordable and drama-free. And while today is all about cracking jokes, BizCover’s commitment to protecting small businesses is no laughing matter.

Contact details:

Sharon Kenny– Head of Marketing –[email protected]      

m – 0403 048 084

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