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Car insurance policy: Make your car rain-ready

Car insurance policy: Flood situation in several parts of India getting worse as the incessant rain continued to inundate several regions and affecting normal life.

Most of the rivers in northern states are flowing above the danger mark and giving tough times to the management authority. At the same the rain has become irksome for the vehicle owner too as heavy rains, flooding and landslides can destroy the vehicle and can burn the hole in the pockets during the repairs.

This article gives you an overview of what damages are covered in the car insurance policies and what add-ons consider to keep your car rain-ready so that you do not have to break your bank for hefty repair of your car. In nut shell, this article helps you staying financially protected while repairing your vehicles.

This is usually referred to as a hydrostatic lock or hydrolock. Most comprehensive policies do not cover hydrolock because it is considered a result of negligent behaviour of car users. For example, if you are driving in waterlogged street, this led to water entering the engine, causing it to seize. Here are 6 policies:

1 Water Entry Causes Engine Seize

Seized engine repair is costly therefore insurance companies offer add-on covers like engine cover or engine protect especially designed for such situations. If you are scared of water-related damage to your vehicle especially in monsoon, it might be worth looking into such ad-on covers.

2 Zero Depreciation Policy (Zero Deb Policy)

Zero depreciation policy, also known as zero dep insurance, is a type of vehicle insurance that provides 100% coverage for the replacement of damaged car parts. This means that even if a part of the car, say its bumper, needs to be replaced, the insurance company will bear the entire cost of the new part.

3 Car Getting Washed Away In Floods

If your car is damaged during floods, this would generally be covered under comprehensive insurance’s total loss policy, in which case the insurer will pay you the sum for which the car is insured.

4 Zero Benefit If You Damage The Car On Your Own

You will not be allowed to take insurance benefits if you deliberately drive your car into a water body like a lake or pond.

5 Car body repair

Remember to contact your insurance provider directly for specific details on the coverage provided by your policy during the monsoon season. Insurance policies and coverage can vary depending on the provider and the specific terms of your policy.

6 Other Forms Of Damages To Your Car

Car insurance mostly offer other forms of monsoon damage, like damage from storm or landslide. If a car is damaged due to poor road conditions caused by the downpour, the insurance company will cover the repair costs, depending on the specifics of the policy.

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