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Colorado insurance experts warn of roofing scammers who could take advantage after severe storms

Colorado is second in the nation for hail insurance claims. However, when looking for repairs on your home and roof, it is essential to be extra careful, as scammers can be right around the corner looking to make false promises for a quick buck.

The key is to ensure the company is legitimate before making a check or handing out cash to any contractor.

The aftermath of this storm can sometimes bring out the worst in some people.

Denver homeowner Rachel Freriks had never experienced a hailstorm and its consequences until Thursday night.

“I’ve actually never seen a hailstorm like I did last night,” said Freriks. “Never had any kind of exterior damage like we are seeing today.”



Hail can do major damage to cars and homes, especially roofs. Josh Wilkey is a contractor with Havoc Roofing Company, a residential and roofing contracting company.

“Any of these dimples that come through, that’s all from hail damage,” Wilkey said, pointing at the marks on Freriks’ roof. “And anything you can see from the windows, that’s all from the hail.”

While severe weather season is a good time for contractors like Wilkey for business, experts warn it’s also a time to be extra vigilant. Carole Walker with the Rocky Mountain Insurance Association warns homeowners.

“Unfortunately, hail season in Colorado is also scam season,” said Walker.

According to Walker, the number one sign of a scam is the door-to-door roofer. Those types of contractors are usually knocking on doors and asking people if they would like immediate repairs, often offering false promises. The second red flag would be asking for a check or cash in the full amount upfront.

“Reputable roofers, they don’t demand money up front. They don’t just pressure you to get up on the roof and sign a contract before you’ve coordinated with your insurance company,” said Walker. Wilkey says when doing roof inspections, they make sure customers feel comfortable and are aware of the process.



“Typically, what we would do is, we want to make sure we get the adjuster out there, then we meet with the adjuster and the homeowner, and we get the claim and make sure we get the claim first before we sign a contract,” said Wilkey.

Experts emphasize that before making a decision to hire someone for repairs, make sure you do your research and take your time.

“I know it’s easy to panic, and you think, ‘oh, I need to get first in line with a roofing contractor,’ but coordinate with your insurance company first,” said Walker.

Experts add contractors will always inspect the roof and do their due diligence before demanding more money from the customer. The advice always remains to slow down and make sure the company is credible and legitimate.

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