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Comparing Car Insurance 2024 – Forbes Advisor

If you’re choosing between Allstate and State Farm, your pick may ultimately come down to which one can offer you the better rates. State Farm has better rates than Allstate for most of the driver profiles we examined.

State Farm Is Better for Good Drivers

Our analysis found State Farm generally has much cheaper rates for good drivers—people without accidents or tickets on their records.

That said, Allstate and State Farm are both on the high end of costs among the companies in our analysis. Good drivers should get quotes from Nationwide and Travelers, which has far better rates for good drivers in our analysis. If you’re a veteran, in the military or in a military family, USAA likely has good rates for you.

State Farm Is Better If You Have a Speeding Ticket

State Farm will be your better bet if you have a speeding ticket on your record. Allstate averaged more than $1,000 higher per year in our analysis.

State Farm Is Better for Drivers Who Have Caused an Accident

If you have issues on your driving record, the cheapest car insurance company for you can be different from the cheapest insurers for good drivers. State Farm is better for drivers with an accident with an injury on their records. But neither Allstate nor State Farm will be the cheapest. Erie and Travelers are cheaper choices, based on the nationwide averages in our analysis. And USAA is usually a good choice if you qualify.

State Farm Is Better for Drivers with a DUI

Higher insurance rates will be an unavoidable consequence of a DUI, but State Farm generally offers far better rates than Allstate in these cases. Allstate averaged about $1,600 a year higher than State Farm in our analysis.

Allstate Is Better for Drivers with Poor Credit

State Farm is likely going to be extremely expensive for drivers with poor credit. In fact, in our analysis, State Farm rates were about 75% more expensive than Allstate for drivers with poor credit.

Geico and Nationwide offer far more competitive rates for drivers who have poor credit. USAA is better for military members, veterans and their families.

State Farm Is Better for Adding a Teen Driver

Adding a teen to a parent’s policy will always be an expensive endeavor, but you’ll find better rates from State Farm vs. Allstate. However, State Farm’s rates were not competitive compared to other insurers in our analysis.

You’d be better off comparing car insurance quotes from insurers such as Erie and Nationwide, which had the most competitive rates for teens in our analysis. Military members and veterans should check USAA’s rates.

State Farm Is Better for Senior Drivers

State Farm is better for senior drivers than Allstate because Allstate offers cheaper car insurance for seniors. But again, neither company is likely a great choice because there are far cheaper options for senior car insurance, such as Nationwide, USAA (if you qualify with a military connection), and Travelers.

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