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Confused About Road Side Assistance? 5 Covers That You Must Consider In Your Car Insurance Policy, check details here

Roadside Assistance: Roadside Assistance is the valuable asset for your car that provides you help and support and eventually peace of mind to drivers when they come across any road accident or any othe mishap on the road. If you include Roadside Assistance (RSA) covers in your car insurance policy, you can prevent any extra expenses to be incurred by you in case your vehicle encounter a major injury. In this article, we will suggest you five optional RSA covers that you must incclude in your Car Insurance Policy. Check Full story to get into more details.

Roadside Assistance helps drivers by providing rapid help to them, in case their car stops working due to any reason, it can be a tyre puncture, lockouts, battery problem and so on, insurance companies offers road side assistance to their customer by rapidly reaching at the spot and repairing the car, ultimately making it back on the road as soon as possible.

Optional Roadside Assistance Covers To Include In Your Car Insurance Policy

Towing Service: One of the most important service to opt in your Car insurance policy is towing Service, in case of any disfunction that can’t be repaired on the spot, insurance companies offers cover for the cost of towing you from one point to the another point.

Flat Tyre Assistance: The price of buying a spare tyre to replace a flat or damaged tyre is covered under flat tire assistance. Roadside assistance can send a mechanic to help you if you are not having a spare tyre or are unable to change it yourself. You can be stress free of looking for a nearby repair shop or changing a tire on your own.

Battery Jump-Start: You may become stranded if you experience battery-related problems, including a non working battery. To let your car start again, roadside assistance offers you a battery jump-start service. The insurance company provides you jump-start your battery using the necessary equipments, allowing you to continue traveling.

On-site Repairs: Roadside assistance plans include on-site repairs for small issues that don’t require towing your car. Expert mechanics can identify and fix problems like a dead battery, a loose wire connection or a nominal mechanical problem that allows you to keep going with the flow of your joy.

Fuel Delivery: It becomes a major in a mid of your jorney when you run out of fuel. This RSA cover allows you to help you get to the closest petrol station, roadside assistance can arrange for the supply of a limited amount of fuel. You won’t have to travel far or look for a petrol station if you use this service when your fuel runs out in the mid way.

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