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DeSantis Saves Florida from Potential Insurance Bailout With Bold Reforms. How Did He Do It? | Ty D.

Insurers have been struggling with the risks associated with climate change, as well as the costs associated with litigation, and this new legislation is aimed at addressing these issues.


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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a sweeping property insurance bill on Friday, aiming to bring stability to a stormy market that has seen premium prices triple the national average over the last two decades.

The bill will take steps to avoid a potential bailout of the state’s Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (CPIC), which provides insurance coverage for homeowners who are unable to find coverage from private insurers. The organization has been facing a number of lawsuits in recent years, which have led to concerns about its financial stability.

Reforms for Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

In response to these concerns, Governor DeSantis has proposed a number of reforms to the CPIC, including the creation of a reinsurance program and the establishment of a clearinghouse for insurance claims. The reinsurance program would allow the CPIC to transfer some of its risk to other insurance companies, while the clearinghouse would help to streamline the claims process and reduce the number of lawsuits that the organization faces.

One of the main drivers behind the lawsuits against the CPIC has been the high cost of insurance in the state of Florida. Homeowners have often struggled to find affordable coverage, and have turned to the CPIC as a last resort. This has led to an increase in the number of claims being filed against the organization, which has strained its financial resources.

State-Backed Insurance Company for Affordable Coverage

To address this issue, Governor DeSantis has also proposed the creation of a state-backed insurance company, which would provide affordable coverage to homeowners who are unable to find it elsewhere. This company would be funded by the state of Florida, and would be subject to regulatory oversight to ensure that it operates in a financially responsible manner.

In addition to these reforms, Governor DeSantis has also called for the implementation of stricter building codes in the state, which would help to reduce the risk of damage from natural disasters such as hurricanes. These stricter codes would require builders to use more durable materials and construction methods, which would help to protect homes from damage and reduce the need for insurance coverage.

Furthermore, the bill seeks to create a $1 billion reinsurance fund, reduce litigation costs and force some customers to leave the state-created insurer of last resort, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. This fund would provide carriers with hurricane reinsurance, helping to ensure they can pay out claims, while also offering “reasonable” rates in a market where companies have complained about rising costs. The bill also seeks to speed up the claims process, eliminate the state’s assignment of benefits laws, and require those with Citizens policies to pay for flood insurance.

Bill Seeks to Speed up Claims Process and Increase Insurer Oversight

In addition to the reinsurance fund and reduced litigation costs, the bill would also force insurers to respond more promptly to claims and increase state oversight of insurers’ conduct following hurricanes. It would also remove “one-way” attorney fees for property insurance, which require property insurers to pay the attorney fees of policyholders who successfully sue over claims, while shielding policyholders from paying insurers’ attorney fees when they lose.

The hope is that this legislation will provide relief to those struggling to afford their home insurance premiums and bring stability to the stormy Florida property insurance market. With the additional reinsurance fund, reduced litigation costs, and increased state oversight, it is hoped that the market will become more competitive, eventually leading to lower premium costs for homeowners in the Sunshine State.

Bill Controversy: Favoring Insurance Companies or Homeowners?

However, according to Democratic caucus chair Fentrice Driskell:

Florida House Republicans and senators just passed a bill that provides a $1 billion bailout to insurance companies and no real rate relief to Florida homeowners….We’re at a time when Florida has its largest budget surplus in history and rather directly help homeowners we provided a bailout to the industry.

She further added that the legislation does not effectively require insurers to handle claims efficiently and justly, and instead makes it more difficult for policyholders to obtain legal representation for their claims. It also does not address the potential impact of the industry’s internal financial practices on market volatility.

What Are Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts on the new property insurance bill signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis? Do you think it will provide relief to homeowners struggling with high premiums? Is the creation of a state-backed insurance company a good idea? Do you agree with the critics who claim that the bill favors insurance companies over homeowners? What other measures should be taken to address the issues facing the property insurance market in Florida?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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