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Dog named Birdie recovering after truck crashes into Texas home

A truck plowed into Elissa Ussery's home in Lockhart on Tuesday, injuring her dog.

Elissa Ussery was preparing Tuesday to start her day at her home in Lockhart when she heard a loud crash. She heard her dog Birdie, a 3-year-old mutt, scream while the crashing noises continued. Ussery thought maybe the ceiling had collapsed.

Instead, she walked outside and saw a truck had crashed into her home office.

It wasn’t just the home that had sustained damage. Ussery and her partner, Erin Cooper, took Birdie to the veterinarian and found that Birdie had three broken ribs and fluid around her spleen and bladder. She had to go to an emergency vet, where she stayed for the next 36 hours.

Birdie, who was injured when a truck ran into her home Tuesday, is shown on her way home from the emergency vet this week.

Birdie has since come home, Ussery said, and she’s doing better. The hardest part, Ussery said, is that vets told them that they would have to keep Birdie from getting too excited for the next couple of weeks so she doesn’t puncture an organ — not an easy task when your dog is an “eternal puppy,” Ussery said.

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