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Eddyville home sustains storm damage | News

BENTON, Ky. — Some isolated storms on Tuesday, May 14, led to damage of several trees and homes in the Pebble Creek Road area of Eddyville, Kentucky.

Shane Howard was at work when his wife Kim received a call from their daughter Tuesday evening. She called because a tree had fallen on the house and broken through a portion of the ceiling.


One of the trees cracked the ceiling of Howard’s kitchen, and one fully broke through the ceiling of a storage room.

Despite the damage done to the house, Howard is thankful that no one was injured.

“I was glad, number one, that it wasn’t a different situation,” said Howard. “We didn’t have somebody dead. I was happy that everyone was alive, that was my main thing. We can get physical stuff, but we can’t replace people.”


Approximately three to five trees fell on the house while Howard’s daughter and dogs were inside.

Howard said his insurance company told him it could be up to 48 hours before an inspector would be able to come assess the damage. He is now encouraging everyone to update their home insurance as a preparation for any future damage.

“Make sure your insurance is up to date,” said Howard. “If you have to pay a little bit extra to get the good stuff, even though you think you might not need it, maybe consider paying it, because I didn’t ever think I’d have 17 trees growing through my kitchen.”


Shane Howard’s home had multiple trees fall on the roof during a storm on Tuesday evening.

However, Howard’s neighbors saw far less damage. Jan Reinus had gone out for a haircut, and found himself driving back in the storm.

“Everything was out in front,” said Reinus. “My wife was sitting at the window… she couldn’t see it [the apartment building across the street], that’s how heavy the wind and rain was.”

Reinus did not sustain any major damage to his home. Only some small sticks and leaves were on the ground.

Reinus also said the creek behind his home was full, and his yard began to flood. All of the water dissipated within a couple of hours of the storm.

The damaging winds appeared to be isolated, as Lyon County Emergency Management was unaware of any other significant damage.

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