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Fairburn man wanted for car insurance fraud

Eric Mosley, a 43-year-old resident of Fairburn, is wanted for seven counts of insurance fraud, four counts of forgery, and two counts of identity fraud, according to Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John F. King. The charges stem from a series of fraudulent insurance claims filed by Mosley with various insurance companies.

Mosley reportedly submitted four claims to Allstate Insurance in 2021, seeking compensation for damages to two vehicles. Both vehicles were listed on an insurance policy belonging to an unwitting victim. Mosley allegedly went to great lengths to deceive the insurance company, submitting four counterfeit repair invoices in an effort to obtain over $18,000. Fortunately, the claim was ultimately denied, and no payment was issued.

Between December 2022 and January 2023, Mosley reportedly targeted Progressive Insurance with three additional fraudulent claims. Employing yet another policy under an unknowing victim’s name, Mosley alleged damages to his vehicle’s passenger side, citing a pothole collision that resulted in a subsequent collision with a guardrail. Progressive Insurance promptly denied the claim even before any repair invoices were submitted.

As a result of these illicit activities, warrants were issued against Mosley in Fulton County on May 10. Law enforcement officials are actively seeking his arrest.

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