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Florida property insurance companies must take some blame for current crisis

More insurance woes

Soaring home insurance costs are pushing these families out of Florida | Aug. 14

Please explain this business model: provide a service at top dollar that you have very little intention of providing. Then when you don’t provide that service or delay that service and are taken to court, you complain that you can’t do business because too many people (customers) are suing you.

This seems to be the model for most Florida homeowners insurance companies. If you own your home outright, it would be better to put those monthly premiums into a bank account. How is that any worse than paying for a policy that doesn’t pay out in a timely fashion, or not at all? Our governor and elected officials need to focus on this real issue in Florida now.

Ed Shaffer, Varico

Buildings and flooding

‘Everything was floating’: A day after Idalia, Tampa Bay dries out | Aug. 31

I have been reading and hearing comments to the effect that the flooding from Hurricane Idalia is the worst folks have seen. What I do not see discussed is the effect that hundreds of building permits issued by the county over the years and the increased runoff caused by more and larger buildings has on flooding. Small homes are replaced with large structures, which decrease green areas with too little about the effect on drainage.

Richard D. Matthews, Dover

Change the system

Proud Boys’ Enrique Tarrio gets record 22 years in prison for Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy | Sept. 5

Several years of hard work, thousands of hours put in by so many people, and millions of dollars to prosecute, convict and sentence the Proud Boys who helped lead the Jan. 6, 2021, riot, yet former President Donald Trump promises to pardon all of them if he becomes president again. The system needs to be changed. There has to be a better way.

Dominic Grillo, Dunedin

No to impeachment

GOP considers pursuing Biden impeachment inquiry in the House | Sept. 5

To all of our lawmakers: Please stop so much unnecessary talk of impeachment and the witch hunt of our current and past presidents. We have homeless veterans, hungry children and poor elderly who could use the money and time you are wasting on these political efforts. Come together to keep the government running and use your power to fix our problems. You were not elected to persecute each other with our tax dollars, but to govern in such a way all citizens have a safe, profitable and happy life.

Claudia Smith, New Port Richey

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