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Help us help you to understand car insurance

Our car insurance survey closes soon. Can you please help us by taking the survey, if you haven’t already. That will give us a good basis to help readers understand a fast-rising household expense

How much are your car insurance premiums impacting your wallet?

Our survey about car insurance is still open, but only until the end of March, so we’re keen to hear from you before it closes.

As we noted when we first opened the survey, only general detail is available about how the costs of car insurance are changing. 

We want to hear from a consumer level how much people are paying for car insurance and how it’s changing for them.

Car repairs are getting more expensive, and cars themselves are becoming more complicated – EVs and hybrids as an example – which makes it harder for insurance companies to make money.

However, these higher costs also mean people are having to spend more on insurance premiums, which makes life more stressful for households in an already higher cost-of-living environment. 

We want to see if we can address that lack of consumer-related information and we’re keen to hear from readers which insurers charge what, where, and by how much premiums are increasing.

No personal identifying details are required or collected – we neither need or want to know your name or address, for example. We’re asking readers just about price/premium information.

Interest.co.nz can find the information needed about the coverage/conditions/policy details to round out the reporting on the issue.

If this survey gives us useful results, we’ll do it again next year and look at other types of insurance too.

Your contribution matters. You can take the survey here. (Opens in a new window.) Please share it with people you know too.

The survey will stay open until the end of March 2024, and we’ll analyze the results in April and share them in May.

Interest.co.nz is committed to providing unbiased information to empower consumers in their insurance decisions.

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