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Here’s why couple’s renter’s insurance won’t cover their flooded apartment

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) – Last week, a Marietta couple discovered their complex’s mandated policy did not cover their contents when a pipe in the above unit burst and flooded their apartment.

The renter’s liability-only policy they purchased did not cover damage to their contents and additional expenses for hotel, food, and boarding for their dog.

“Our throw pillows, our throw blankets, were completely damaged,” said Madison Kelley. “We have a large area rug that sits under the couch. It was literally flowing in the water.”

Frozen pipes

Kelley and her boyfriend Brian Darby are like many tenants with may not know they can buy renters insurance from any provider, and that it needs to include coverage for contents and for any additional expenses while they are displaced.

After the flood, the couple decided to buy a new policy for $423. The policy covers $35,000 in contents.

For tenants who simply don’t have up to $35,000 in items, getting quotes from insurers and tailoring the quote to cover what they had is a good idea. After about about 10 minutes and three quotes from different insurers, Kelley and Darby found a quote that covered $20,000 in contents and saved them nearly $200 a year.


Pick your own insurance company. It doesn’t have to be the insurer the complex partners with, and renters should choose a well-known, highly-rated insurer. For more information on ratings, go to the Insurance Information Institute.

The policy must include contents and additional expenses such as hotel, food and pet boarding. This is in addition to the liability policies that most apartment complexes require. Standard liability starts at $100,000.

Only buy the coverage you need. There’s no point in paying for a $30,000 policy if you have $10,000 in contents. Make sure you have enough coverage for a lengthy hotel stay. For instance, will $5,000 cover hotel and food if you are displaced for a month?

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