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Home and insurance tips for storm season – Orlando Sentinel

Protecting what is likely your most valuable financial possession, your home, is key during a tropical storm or hurricane.

The National Hurricane Center offers these tips on how to keep your home safe during a storm and some suggestions to follow in regard to your home and auto insurance.

Your Home

  • Keep trees around your home trimmed well before a storm to prevent damage from broken branches.
  • Have the proper materials in advance to protect windows from flying debris. Plywood or aluminum hurricane shutters are among the most popular ways to “board up” before a storm.
  • Bring loose outdoor items such as patio furniture inside. Think about items that could blow around and cause damage to your home.
  • Secure all doors on your property. Remember the garage door is usually the most vulnerable. You can brace it inside with plywood and 2×4 lumber.
  • Move your car inside a garage or to another secure location.

Your Insurance

  • Check you insurance polices well ahead of the storm to see what is and is not covered by your policy.
  • Make sure you have flood insurance. “Flooding is the leading cause of damage from tropical systems,” the NHC said.
  • Visit www.floodsmart.gov to learn about your home’s flood risk and flood insurance options available to you.
  • Prepare your vehicles according to your specific insurance policies to ensure that any possible damage will be covered.
  • Know where your insurance documents and contract information are located. “Take them with you if you evacuate,” the hurricane center said.


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