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Homeowners await relief as property insurance bill passes

Natalie Oldenkamp says it takes a lot of care to keep up with repairs at her 89-year-old home.

“I’m actively looking for a plaster craftsman,” she said.

What You Need To Know

  •  Property owners across the state have been dealing with skyrocketing property insurance costs
  •  Homeowner Natalie Oldenkamp says her bill recently went from $2,400 a year to $3,900 a year
  • The Florida Senate passed legislation Tuesday that seeks to address the property insurance problems in the state

Spectrum News first spoke with Oldenkamp back in May when she was dealing with roof damage from Hurricane Irma. She said her insurance company was only willing to give her a few hundred dollars to repair it — and now she says she recently saw her rates go up.

“Well my insurance, it went from $2,400 a year to $3,900 a year,” she said. “And that’s actually not a big hike compared to other people that I know — and I know that when it gets renewed that it’ll probably go up again.”

She shares those concerns with countless other homeowners in Tampa Bay and across the state. As the Florida Legislature tackles the rising insurance premiums, Oldenkamp hopes they also focus on specific issues. 

“(Florida) has 9% of the claims for the whole country and 79% of the lawsuits,” she said. “I’m hoping that they crack down on the few bad roofing companies and bad attorneys who basically play the system.”

In a few years, Oldenkamp says she will have her home paid off and won’t be required to insure it. She sees that as a chance for big savings, but also a big risk. 

“Well, I’d like to not have insurance on it,” she said, “Flooding really wouldn’t destroy this house, fire would and I think the I would continue to pay insurance.”

She said she just hopes paying to ensure her home won’t cost more than it does to repair it. 

The Florida Senate passed a bill Tuesday during a special session that would address some of the issues facing the state’s property insurance rates. It now heads to the Florida House for consideration.

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