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Homeowners could see issues with home insurance policies

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — New Homeowners could be experiencing problems getting a new home insurance policy along with higher policy rates when compared to previous years.

Rich Johnson, Insurance Council of Texas Director of Communications and Public Affairs said that there has not been any trend of massive amounts of insurance policies being declined in Texas.

“Insurance is really based on an individual basis, what’s going on in a particular area. So, if you’re in a particular high-risk area, so let’s say the coast for instance, you may not be able to get wind coverage from a private insurance company, but there are backups for that,” said Johnson.

Even though it’s not a trend of policies being declined there are some who are still facing problems getting a policy. Johnson talked more about what could be the reason behind why a policy could be declined.

“Have you made, you know, three, four or five claims in the last couple years. Have your neighbors made those claims. This is an insurance, it’s kind of a team sport and the look at a particular neighborhood or areas, they’re a negative claims history in the area,” said Johnson.

Local insurance agent Alice Brooks Kemp said there is also an increase in rates when compared to previous years.

“If you’re buying a homeowner policy, a lot of times they there’s not a credit score, but there is a little credit, credit, check on that. So, if your credit is better, your homeowners might be a little bit less,” said Brooks Kemp. “The newer your home is, the less your house insurance is going to be compared to an older home. That might have problems with electronic, electrical, plumbing, you know, an older roof and everything.”

Johnson said if you are getting your policy declined there are a few chances that you can make to help get an approved policy.

“There are mitigating factors that you can do, maybe it’s clearing a certain what they call a safe zone around your home, if you’re at risk for a wildfire, maybe it is looking at that roof and getting it replaced,” said Johnson.

Johnson said the best thing to do is shop around because Texas has lots of companies that will be able to offer homeowners insurance policies.

You can find more information here and more on state-mandated programs here.

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