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How a wind mitigation inspection can help you save on home insurance

A wind mitigation inspection could save you up to 50% on your home insurance.

If your home was built after 2002, you probably qualify for a discount. That’s when Florida building code was changed post Hurricane Andrew.

This statewide code mandated that new construction be able to withstand hurricane-force winds and feature shutters or impact-resistant glass in all openings.

Billy Wagner, the owner of Brightway Insurance in Ponte Vedra Beach, says this is the best cost saving option for homeowners right now.

“I think it’s probably one of the best you know, so if you’ve replaced your roof, just doing that alone is actually a huge discount,” Wagner said. “I think many people are frustrated when they get their renewals, and the prices are going up and this is a way to kind of soften that blow. Particularly if your home was built prior to 2002, is a really good time to check or if your roof has been replaced recently.”

The inspection tells insurers how resistant your home is to wind-related risks like hurricanes and other storms.

To get one done, you need to contact a certified inspector, like Dwayne Keenon, the lead inspector and owner of DK Property Solutions.

“What’s done on the outside, is basically we’re gonna get what we call elevation photos,” Keenon said. “90% of the actual wind mitigation is done inside the attic. The first thing we actually do is we come and we look at that look at the home, we look at the structure of the construction of the home when it was built, and the actual what they call roof geometry or the roof shape.”

Keenon says a hip roof is usually more wind resistant than a gable roof, so the cost savings can vary. A wind mitigation inspection takes about 45 minutes to an hour just depends on how accessible everything is. The cost is anywhere from $100 to $150 in our area.

Hip vs. gable roof (iko.com)

The inspection is good for five years and can get you credits with your home insurance policy.

“Generally, wind mitigation once you get the credits will pay for itself within the first year,” Keenon said.

The discount you receive on your homeowner’s insurance for wind mitigation is typically the same whether you have storm panels, accordion shutters, rolling shutters, or impact windows and doors.

The amount you can save greatly depends on your insurance provider.

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