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How free ‘tweak’ could save you £100s on your car insurance before you even buy it – three-step method to cash in

YOU could save hundreds of pounds on your car insurance with just a small free “tweak”.

Follow an easy three-step method to cash in before you even buy your insurance.

You can save up £100s just with one simple tweak in your insurance application


You can save up £100s just with one simple tweak in your insurance applicationCredit: Getty

Car insurance quotes have gone up 61 per cent since last year, and this number is expected to continue rising.

To prevent emptying your pockets when it can be avoided, you can use this hack shared by Money Saving Expert.

Tweaking your job title can potentially save you hundreds in cash.

Of course, it has to be a legitimate position you are holding, but the way you describe your occupation matters.

An illustrator is often cheaper than an artist, and an editor cheaper than a journalist.

Make small changes to your job description and you could reduce your costs.

If you are unemployed, you could end up having to potentially pay a five-fold jump in insurance costs.

But the same hikes don’t apply to homemakers, housewives and househusbands, so make sure to add that to your job description to avoid the cost jump.

But only do so if you are not looking for work or receiving unemployment benefits.

Otherwise, you might get in trouble for fraud.

The 3-step method to reduce costs

Follow these three easy steps for free and find out what your insurance might cost.

  1. Use the Money Saving Expert’s Car Insurance Picker Tool
  2. Enter how much you currently pay for a year’s car insurance
  3. Select your job title from the list that most closely matches yours
    – Make sure your new title accurately describe what you do

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert founder, said: “When considering whether you can use a different title, always imagine you were asking a reasonable person who knew what you do for a living.

“Would they say it was reasonable for you to describe yourself that way?”

If your title says chicken chaser, the job has to involve chasing chickens at some point.

Don’t just call yourself a driving instructor because it is cheaper.

MSE user Chris tested the hack personally and said: “Saved £100 by working in ‘software’ not ‘computer games’!”

But Lewis warns that it is fraudulent to lie about your occupation.

If insurance companies find out, they could cancel your policy and add you to the fraud database.

Such record would not only stain your reputation, but would also make it extremely difficult to get cover in the future.

If you have two jobs, then it is worth checking both occupations to opt for the one with fewer fees.

But, some insurers could make you put down the place where you spend the most time.

Your job description wording matters as it can slash down the costs


Your job description wording matters as it can slash down the costsCredit: Getty

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