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How to choose the right insurance cover for your car this monsoon?

As this rainy season starts peaking up, the monsoon brings its fair share of challenges for many car owners like you. Heavy rains, flooded roads, and unpredictable weather can increase the risk of vehicle accidents and damage creating a huge dent in your pockets. Therefore, having the right insurance cover is essential to protect your vehicle from looming dangers during this time. This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of choosing the right car insurance cover for your car during the monsoon season.

Comprehensive flood coverage

With heavy rain and flooding being a common occurrence during the monsoon, it’s crucial to have comprehensive vehicle coverage that includes protection against water damage. Whether you own a car or a bike, ensuring your vehicle insurance covers damages caused by floods can save you from expensive repairs and financial woes.

How add-ons can prove advantageous

Standard comprehensive car insurance policies may or may not fully protect your vehicle against monsoon-related damages, so it is necessary to boost your insurance policy during the monsoon season by purchasing add-ons or optional features that provide extra protection for your car. Several useful add-ons can be particularly valuable during this time, like-

Protect your engine with engine protect

During the monsoon, your car engine is particularly vulnerable to damage caused by water ingression, engine malfunction, hydrostatic lock, or engine oil leakage. For example, being a car owner getting stuck in a traffic jam or water-clogged area is a common phenomenon because of which your engine suffers the most due to the reason stated above. Check with your insurer if they have an add-on that covers your engine as well. Because a safe engine is equal to stronger protection.

Zero depreciation: Ensure you receive the full value of your car and its parts without any deduction for depreciation in case of a claim.

Roadside assistance: Suppose your car breaks down in the middle of the road due to car breakdown and you get stranded on a secluded highway, which can become a bit overwhelming, through this add-on you can get roadside assistance which can connect you with the nearest garage or network of mechanics. Services in this add-on may include towing, battery jumpstart, flat tire change, and fuel delivery.

Return to invoice: Receive the difference between the invoice value of your car and the claim amount in case of total loss or theft of your car.

Emergency hotel accommodation cover: Imagine you are on a road trip or travelling with your loved ones in the monsoon, and you unexpectedly face a road accident, engine breakdown, or landslide. The first thing that comes to mind is safeguarding your family and car in such a condition. In such a situation, an emergency hotel accommodation cover will provide you with the advantage of covering hotel expenses (to the extent covered in the policy) and aligning you with the network of garages nearby, where your car can be repaired at no cost.

EMI cover: Sometimes your car takes longer than usual to repair due to the damages. This add-on will pay EMIs for your car loans up to 3 EMIs on your behalf if the car is in the garage for more than 30 days.

Look for coverage that protects your hybrid car

We are living in a very inflationary time, with fuel prices tanking up. This is why having an electric or hybrid vehicle can seem like a good option. While electric cars are powered by lithium-ion batteries, hybrid ones use batteries as well as fuel in the form of petrol or diesel. To protect your hybrid from the unprecedented hazards in monsoon, safeguard it with a comprehensive plan or buy an add-on cover under EV protection, which provides a layer of security against damage caused by electricity fluctuation, fluid ingression, and accidental damage to the EV charger assembly.

Ultimately, you must review your existing policy, compare options, and select add-ons that enhance coverage to tailor insurance to your needs. By following these proactive measures, you can enjoy a worry-free and safe driving experience during the monsoon season, believing that your car is adequately protected from the looming dangers.

Rakesh Jain is CEO, Reliance General Insurance.


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First Published: 19 Sep 2023, 09:55 AM IST

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