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I’m tired of subsidizing others (letter to the editor)

I am sick of subsidizing government, businesses and people.

I retired at 63, after working all my adult life and planning for retirement. I live very modestly and I budget how I spend my money. Today, I got a bill for the amount of Medicare Supplemental insurance I will be paying. Medicare and the supplement will now cost me over $500 a month.

I am relatively healthy and generally only visit my doctors annually. I am not the cause for increased health care costs to the insurance companies. I stand behind people in the supermarket check-out lines, with my well-shopped-for-sales of the week — they eat way better than I do and they pay for it with an EBT card.

I drive a 26-year-old Volvo, because I like my car, but also, I cannot afford a new one. I just got my new bill from my auto insurance company and it went up $53 a month. I have never gotten a ticket and have had no accidents, but that doesn’t matter. I am told by the agent that the insurance company has suffered great losses in the past year and that is why my insurance has increased. Property taxes have increased. The city is obviously digging around to replace the money it has spent or promised out.

How much can the average working or retired person supplement others?

(Marion Hodgman is a Stapleton resident.)

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