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Insurance companies enact new restrictions on roof coverings

It’s an option many homeowners make, opting to make improvements to their roof without a full roof replacement. But one condo association said their route of getting a silicone coating instead of a new roof has them at risk of being dropped.

Barbara Schmal is the treasure of the Water’s Edge Condo Association in Largo. She emailed ABC Action News after she was notified Citizens Insurance no longer accepts silicone coating as a replacement for a roof, now putting all 51 condo owners under the condo association at risk of being dropped by Citizens if they don’t get a new roof by the end of 2024.

“Citizens new requirements came in 2022 that was after we already installed the roof,” Schmal said. “That’s what silicone coating does it’s a protection and as long as we have it maintained we should never have a problem, but Citizens has a problem because they no longer allow silicone coating.”

Those requirements from Citizens Insurancekicked in December of 2022. They read as followed:

  • Roof coatings – such as acrylic, silicone, urethane, soy, elastomeric or other similar coatings used for waterproofing or UV protection – do not meet Citizens requirements for proof of roof replacement.

“Their mindset is if it’s a old roof it has to be replaced,” she said. “I feel like Citizens has blinders on. They aren’t seeing the full picture.”
It’s something Tanner Jenkins of Jenkins Roofing said he is seeing more of recently.

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“It’s becoming more and more common because these coatings have progressed and coatings have a good place in the market,” Jenkins said. “But the insurance companies are not recognizing that as a new roof.”

He said roof coatings are decent options for homeowners, can prolong the life of a roof and meet building codes, but he said more insurance companies are still requiring a complete roof replacement.

“It’s a shame because we can prolong the life of the roof,” he added. “I think it’s an opportunity for [insurance companies] to lower their risk so if they are forcing re-roofs more often therefore they have less claims.”

But he understands it’s not something everyone can afford.

“I hate that people waste money,” Jenkins said. “It’s expensive for people to take care of their roof and expensive to re-roof so we try to navigate the best we can and make sure we aren’t wasting resources.”

His advice if you are looking at improving your roof?

“I hope it educates people to be more cautious and check with your insurance companies first before you take action,” Jenkins said.

ABC Action News emailed Citizens Insurance for a comment on the Water’s Edge case and are still waiting to hear back.

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