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Insurance company seeks applications for scholarship program

Children or spouses of workers injured on the job may benefit from an annual MEMIC scholarship program.

The MEMIC Group is accepting applications for its Harvey Picker Horizon Scholarship Program, founded in 2001 to offer tuition assistance to children and spouses of workers seriously injured at work. MEMIC has awarded more than $242,000 in Horizon Scholarships to 49 students since the program’s inception, according to a news release from the Portland-based insurance company.

Last year, the program benefited two brothers from Florida, a University of Maine student, and a woman who was completing her undergraduate degree when her father was injured at work.

MEMIC Group President and CEO Michael Bourque said the 2022 recipients shared a dedication to turning around steep challenges by going to work part-time, helping at home, and often putting their own educations and careers on hold.

“Personally, I greatly admire the grit, sacrifice, and tenacity it takes for a young person to put the health and well-being of a stricken family member above their own aspirations,” Bourque said. “We are enthusiastic about helping reward those sacrifices with our Horizon Scholarship program, and thrilled to help turn around a tough situation with funds that assist them in continuing their higher educations.”

The scholarship is named for former Camden resident Harvey Picker, a physicist, educator, philanthropist and advocate for education. In 1992, Picker was appointed by then-Gov. John McKernan as a member of the Blue-Ribbon Commission on Workers’ Compensation, which led to the formation of MEMIC. Picker also served as a member of the MEMIC Board of Directors.

Bourque noted that many Horizon Scholarship recipients who witnessed a family member suffer injury or temporarily lose employment went on to use their awards to pursue careers in health care and injury management.

“We recognize workers’ compensation can cover medical treatment and a percentage of lost wages but cannot entirely eliminate the stress and strain an injury can cause a family,” Bourque said. “We hope our Horizon Scholarships for higher education help fulfill the aspirations of those whose lives have been disrupted as a result of a workplace injury or death.”

Applicants must complete the application by Friday, April 28 to be considered for a scholarship of up to $10,000. To be eligible, the related injured worker must have been working for a MEMIC policyholder at the time of injury.

Applications are reviewed by a selection committee for financial need, academic performance, community involvement, other life experiences, and future promise. Students must be attending or planning to attend an accredited college or university.

For more information and to request a copy of the application, call 800-660-1306 and say “Horizon Scholarship” at the prompt, or visit memic.com/horizon.



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