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Is it possible to obtain car insurance with a temporary registration number? | Indiablooms

An accident in your brand-new car can be heartbreaking. And when the accident happens to your car that still has a temporary registration number can be all the more worrisome. It could bring a lot of questions and confusion to your mind. So, if you are wondering if you can get car insurance with a temporary registration number, read on. We may have some good news for you. 

Can I buy car insurance with a temporary registration number?

In most cases, when you buy a new car it takes a few days to get the permanent registration number. Till that time you are supposed to have a temporary registration number that is valid only for a few days, typically one month. The temporary registration number is issued by the dealer and thus, when your car leaves the showroom it has the required registration number. You may get an “A/F” plate made, which stands for Applied For.

Remember: As per the Motor Vehicle Act 1989, it is mandatory for every vehicle to be registered. So, driving without a temporary registration number is illegal.

The good news is, yes, you can buy car insurance with a temporary registration number. Rather not having insurance for your vehicle, even when it has a temporary registration number can put you in legal trouble. Motor Vehicle Act, of 1988 mandates every motorized vehicle to have a minimum of third-party insurance. However, when buying a new car, it is highly recommended that you invest in comprehensive insurance. A comprehensive car insurance plan not only offers more coverage, but you can also opt for a number of add-on covers that can help you save significantly on your car maintenance in the long run.

Claiming car insurance for a car with a temporary registration number

While a car accident is always lamentable, seeing your brand-new car damaged is all the more painful. But the good news is that with your car insurance, you would be able to manage the financial loss. You need to bear in mind, your own damage would only be covered when you have a comprehensive car insurance plan. Third-party liability only covers the liabilities that arise when you cause injury/ damage to a third-party person or property.

To raise a claim, you need to:

  1. Inform your insurer as early as possible, and register your claim either through customer care or through the website or mobile app. You would have to fill in the claim form to initiate the application.
  2. If possible, take your car to the nearest network garage. Once the surveyor from the insurance company inspects and approves the claim, the repair would begin
  3. At a network garage, your insurer would settle the claim, however, at a non-network garage, you’ll have to pay the bills upfront. Post repair you can fill for reimbursement by completing the required paperwork.

Getting permanent registration for your car

Before the 30-day period of the temporary registration number is over, you need to fill out and submit Form 20 with your RTO. Make sure you apply for a permanent number before the temporary number expires. In case the procedure requires hypothecation, you would have to submit the necessary documents. You also have the option of applying for permanent registration online.

Note: Once your car receives permanent registration, make sure to intimate your insurance provider about the same so that your policy papers can be updated.


Whether you are buying a new car or a pre-owned car, having car insurance is mandatory for all. Remember, car insurance is not just a legal obligation but it can offer you peace of mind as well. Despite being an excellent driver, avoiding car accidents may not always be possible, therefore, make sure you buy car insurance for your prized possession before you bring it out on the road.

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