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It’s hurricane season: What natural disasters does your insurance cover, and what do you have to pay more for?

Homeowners and renters insurance doesn’t typically cover flood damage from hurricanes.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Insurance protects us in serious times of need. 

Christopher Cook with Alliance Insurance answered your questions about home and auto insurance policies.

Is flood damage covered? 

Homeowners’ policies do not cover anything flood-related. Flood and content policies are extra for homeowners. To get coverage, visit the National Flood Insurance Program’s website. 

A tree fell in my yard. Is that covered under my policy?

A fallen tree is only covered if it falls on your home. The insurance company will not pay for someone to clean the tree up.

What does my car insurance policy cover? 

North Carolina law requires drivers to have liability insurance. It pays for damages and injuries to other drivers. 

Collision coverage is optional and covers damages to the insured’s car. Comprehensive coverage is not required by law, but it does cover non-accident-related damage like fallen trees or a deer hitting your car. 

How do I know all my belongings are protected in my home? 

Homeowners insurance has standard payouts for belongings. Payouts are approximately $1,500 for jewelry, $10,000 for firearms, and $200 for cash. If you have more value than that in your belongings, you should add extra coverage to your policy. 

Homeowners should also inventory belongings like electronics, art, furniture, appliances, and other valuables. Scan model numbers and take note of everything worth anything. This helps policyholders when a claim is filed. 

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