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Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance Review – Forbes Advisor INDIA

Learn about our various Insurance Plans and select the best one for your driving needs.

Comprehensive car insurance
With this package, you get the most coverage. It protects your own vehicle from unintentional harm such as collisions, theft, natural disasters, etc. In addition, it offers third-party liability insurance, which covers losses incurred by other cars, property, or persons injured in an accident.

Third-party insurance
As its name implies, this policy solely pays for your legal responsibility to third parties in the event that an accident results in harm to another person or vehicle, property damage, or injury to other individuals. Any damage to your own car is not covered by it. This is the legal minimum amount of mandatory auto insurance. Compared to comprehensive insurance, it is less expensive.

Own damage car insurance
Own damage auto insurance (OD) is a middle-tier policy that just addresses harm to your personal automobile. Third-party liability is not covered; however, it does offer coverage for losses resulting from unintentional causes like theft, accidents, etc. It offers some coverage for your own vehicle at a lower rate than comprehensive insurance, although it is more limited than comprehensive insurance.

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