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Letter: Medicare Advantage Ad

Why are our elected officials allowing their names to be used to benefit insurance companies?

The insurance company lobbying group “Better Medicare Alliance” full page ad Feb. 13 “thanking 60+ Bipartisan Senators” for supporting Medicare Advantage is part of an attempt by a so-called non-profit organization to rapidly privatize Medicare.

Privatization puts money into insurance company coffers. Why else would they pay for these ads?

Medicare Advantage has advantages not previously seen in traditional Medicare, such as eye and dental care. It also has disadvantages not seen in traditional Medicare, like prompt and up-to-date cancer care and incomplete coverage in rural areas.

We could learn from Medicare Advantage and improve traditional Medicare! Then we would not have our health care dollars being diverted into executive and stockholder accounts.

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Our U.S. senators should look beyond improving insurance company bottom lines and concentrate on improving healthcare benefits for all.

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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