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Letters: Pulse memorial | Life jackets save lives

Pulse memorial sends a message of love

I was so happy after reading the news that they are finally going to build a permanent Pulse Nightclub memorial. Forty-nine beautiful people lost their lives that night to unforgivable hatred. We need to celebrate their lives and fight back against all prejudice.

June 12, 2016 will always be remembered as one of the worst days in American history. The day a permanent memorial is opened at this site will be remembered as one of the best days. Love conquers hate!

Brian Hopkins Sanford

Life jackets save lives, but only if they are worn

A recent boating incident in Volusia County highlights the importance of wearing a life jacket. A 24-foot fiberglass catamaran broke in half and sent all of the 11 people on board into the ocean. Luckily, all of the boaters were wearing life jackets and were rescued, but that unfortunately isn’t always the case.

In the most recent U.S. Coast Guard boating statistics, 85% of the people who died in a boating incident drowned because they weren’t wearing life jackets. Many of these people considered themselves long-term boaters who knew how to swim, but if knocked unconscious when entering the water, it can be impossible to swim. You wouldn’t try to put a seatbelt on in the middle of a car crash. Likewise, it is not possible to try to put on a life jacket when you are in the middle of a boating emergency.

Whenever you’re on a boat, make sure to always wear a life jacket. If you need to borrow one, check out the Sea Tow Foundation’s Life Jacket Loaner Stations. You never know just how life-saving a life jacket could be.

Nik Foster Ponce Inlet

Gail R. Kulp Southold, N.Y.

Gail R. Kulp is executive director of the Sea Tow Foundation. Nik Foster is the owner of Sea Tow Daytona/Ponce/New Smyrna.

The governor’s shifting concern

It’s kind of funny. Ron DeSantis received his education from the best colleges in the country —the American Dream! But he missed out on the class for common sense. After avoiding any mention of the Nazis posted in various areas of Florida for several years, now he is concerned about the Americans stranded in Israel.

The federal government is sending air transport to bring the Americans home. If DeSantis thinks we of the Jewish faith will put our trust in him, he had better think again. We do not believe him and we do not trust him. Jewish people value a good education and since he has taken the George Orwell position that “ignorance is strength,” we know where he stands. Banning books and appointing people to run our school boards and colleges who are not qualified is a clear indication of how DeSantis feels about the education of Florida’s students.

As Trump said, “stand back, but stand by.”

Barbara Hill Eustis

The problem with insurance

As a Florida homeowner for more than 30 years, I read with great interest the Oct. 10 news article entitled “Don’t expect major property insurance changes in 2024 legislative session, senator says.”

We certainly need big changes, especially when one sees insurance premiums almost double from a year ago — and that is without filing a claim for 30 years.

I don’t have a mortgage on my home, so one would think that you could call the insurance company and make the decision to reduce the level of coverage on my property to reduce the premium.

No, not in Florida. Even with no mortgage, your dwelling coverage is dictated by your insurance company and follows the value of the property whether you have a mortgage or not.

Floridians have become victims of insurance companies who, no doubt, contribute large amounts of money to legislators’ campaigns in the hope that they will vote in the industry’s favor during the legislative session.

State legislators seem to forget that they are elected to serve the people of their districts. Florida residents need to pay more attention to how their legislators vote on these matters — and then vote accordingly.

Earl Perque Jr. Plantation

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