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Local insurance company partners with Pinellas County non-profit to make 60 beds for kids in need

A local Tampa insurance company partnered up with the non-profit “Sleep in Heavenly Peace” to build 60 beds for kids who need them. 

The non-profit serves every zip code in Pinellas County. When companies and other organizations approach them, SHP said it’s more than writing a check. Officials with the organization said they become a part of the solution to making sure kids get beds. 

Volunteers start with the raw materials, sawing and sanding the wood and putting the beds together. 

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“It’s a really fun process, it’s a god way for us to do team-building and do something impactful for our community,” Bruce Lucas, the founder and CEO of Slide Insurance who helped build beds with SHP, said. 

It helps children in need feel worth and offers security to the ones who need it. The non-profit said the kids they deliver beds to have not had a bed in a long time – or ever. 

“It’s an amazing event in their lives, and we believe it changes lives,” Jim Baker, the chapter president of SHP, said. 

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The non-profit said it can be a great team-building event for companies and organizations. They said it helps employees feel the difference they are making in their community. 

SHP has provided 500 beds locally this year and this coming Saturday, SHP will be delivering over 100 beds to needy kids. If you want to help a child who is in need of a bed, visit SHPbed.org and apply for one.

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