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Marlborough may hire new company

MARLBOROUGH Much like Framingham, school officials in Marlborough are facing significant challenges with school bus vendor North Reading Transportation in getting enough drivers to cover all contracted routes.

The issue has led to some students having to seek alternative means of getting to school, and that has impacted student attendance, according to school officials.

Tom LaFleur, director of finance and operations for Marlborough Public Schools, said that given the shortcomings of NRT, school officials are potentially looking at dropping their current contract and finding a new bus provider, starting next fiscal year.

“It’s no secret in the community that we are struggling with our transportation provider,” LaFleur said during Tuesday’s School Committee meeting. “I have called the performance bond on this contract. Currently, NRT is only staffing 29 of our contracted 33 full, big bus routes. The same group of students are missing time on learning, they are getting home an hour and a half after school ends, so we are taking this step.”

Students who attend the Goodnow Brothers Elementary school in Marlborough board a school bus on Church Street in May.

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The performance bond is an instrument taken out by NRT with an insurance company at the start of the contract with Marlborough Public Schools. The policy states that if NRT does not live up to parameters of the agreed-upon contract, the city will receive payment from the insurance company as collateral.

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