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MOTOR VEHICLE INSURANCE: Fortify with add-ons this monsoon

As the monsoon season has arrived, car owners must be prepared to safeguard their vehicles from the potential risks and damages associated with heavy rainfall and adverse weather conditions. To ensure comprehensive protection, car owners should consider adding specific insurance add-ons to their policies.

Let us look at the various types of car insurance add-ons that are crucial during the monsoon season.

Engine protection cover

During the monsoon, a car’s engine is particularly vulnerable to damage caused by water ingression, engine malfunction, hydrostatic lock, or leakage of engine oil. “Car owners residing in flood-prone areas or regions with frequent water-logging should opt for the Engine Protection Cover. This add-on offers financial security by covering repair or replacement costs of damaged engine parts, offering peace of mind amidst heavy rains,” says Venkatesh Naidu, CEO, Bajaj Capital Insurance Broking.

24×7 roadside assistance cover

Vehicle breakdowns can be a nightmare, especially during heavy rainfall or on deserted highways. To address this concern, car owners can avail of the 24×7 Roadside Assistance Cover. This add-on ensures timely professional assistance in case of a breakdown, repairs or towing services at an affordable cost.

Zero depreciation cover

The Zero Depreciation Cover is essential for protecting the policyholder from substantial expenses due to vehicle damage during the monsoon. Unlike standard policies that account for depreciation, this add-on covers the entire cost of repairing or replacing vehicle components, excluding only tyres, tubes, and batteries, which receive 50% coverage.

Daily allowance cover

In situations where the car becomes inoperable and requires extensive repairs, the Daily Allowance Cover compensates the policyholder for the expenses incurred in hiring a vehicle for a fixed number of days, ensuring uninterrupted mobility.

Consumables cover

Driving on pothole-filled roads during the monsoon can result in damages to nuts, bolts, gears, and other consumable parts of the vehicle. The Consumables Cover add-on protects policyholders from the expenses associated with replacing or repairing these parts, which can accumulate to a significant amount.

Tyre protect cover

Monsoons can be harsh on vehicle tyres, subjecting them to wear and tear. The Tyre Protect Cover offers financial assistance for full labour charges and replacement costs of damaged or punctured tyres, providing peace of mind to car owners.

“By opting for these add-ons, car owners can enjoy peace of mind and ensure that their vehicles remain adequately protected during the monsoon season,” says Naidu.

It should, however, be noted that it is not mandatory to purchase all add-ons for car insurance. Customers can opt based on their specific needs.

“Add-ons are additional coverages that you can opt for to enhance the protection of your vehicle. You have the flexibility to add specific covers depending on your needs and preferences. It is advisable to assess your requirements and choose the add-ons that provide the desired level of coverage for your vehicle,” informs Adhil Shetty, CEO, Bankbazaar.com.


  • While it isn’t mandatory to purchase all add-ons, choose the ones that meet the desired level of coverage for your car
  • The zero depreciation cover takes care of cost of repairing & replacing essential car components
  • The 24×7 roadside assistance cover ensures timely assistance in case of a breakdown

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