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Mountain View couple saves neighbor’s dog from flooded apartment

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – Following Monday’s flooding incident, a dog owner had a heartfelt meeting with the couple who rescued her 8-year-old Labrador retriever mix, Rose, from a flooded Mountain View apartment.

Around 10:30 a.m. at an apartment complex on National Avenue, Elijah Berry and Kayla Mejia found themselves waking up to a flood in their bedroom.

They quickly gathered their dog and three other pets and evacuated. “We went to door, and the second we opened it, it all gushed in,” said Mejia.

After helping some neighbors leave their apartments, hey spotted Rose in a window two doors down, jumping at the blinds with a floating mattress underneath her.

“Her front legs were on the bed and her back legs on the window sill. The bed was slowly tipping, and she was slowly falling in,” said Berry. “Seeing the dog there needing help. Just thinking about your own animals.”

With the help of a neighbor who provided a hammer, Berry successfully shattered the window.

The couple quickly rescued Rose and contacted the number on her collar. Owner Jennifer Willsey, who was at work during the storm, received a text message notifying her of the situation.

“I got a text message, ‘We’ve broken your window. Your dog is safe,’” said Willsey. “It was sheer panic. Rose is my best friend and emotional support animal. She means everything in the world to me.”

Hours later, Willsey was reunited with Rose. The following day, she emotionally expressed her gratitude, hugging and thanking Rose’s rescuers.

“I can’t imagine being able to react that fast … Definitely angels. I will be forever grateful,” said Willsey.

Unfortunately, both Rose’s owner and the couple lost nearly everything in the flooding and didn’t have renters insurance.

To assist them, separate GoFundMe campaigns have been initiated for Rose’s owner and the couple who rescued her, as they cope with the aftermath of the devastating incident.

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