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Nationwide Homeowners Insurance Review 2024

Nationwide homeowners insurance is among the most affordable options on the market, with numerous discounts that can lower your premiums even further.

We like that it has endorsements many competitors lack, including coverage for earthquake and flood damage, a dwelling replacement cost rider and service line coverage.

Basic policies also include credit card fraud protection, something else many competitors lack as a standard feature.

Nationwide Homeowners Insurance

  • Cost

    The best way to estimate your costs is to request a quote

  • Maximum coverage

  • App available

  • Policy highlights

    Policy covers home and property damages caused by theft, fire and weather damage. It also covers personal liability, loss of use and unauthorized transactions on your credit card

  • Does not cover

    Water damage, earthquakes, flood insurance, identity theft, high-value items, rebuilding home after loss (these can all be purchased as add-ons for extra coverage)


  • Rates well below national average
  • Discounts for bundling, new homes, staying claims-free and more
  • Credit card fraud protection standard
  • Replacement cash-out option available


  • Less-than-stellar customer service
  • Not available in Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey or New Mexico.
  • Can’t purchase a policy online

Nationwide homeowners insurance review

Nationwide homeowners insurance pros and cons


  • Affordable rates: Nationwide is 25% below the nationwide average, with discounts available for bundling, staying claims-free and more
  • Credit card fraud protection: Basic policies include coverage for unauthorized card transactions, forged checks and counterfeit money.  
  • Replacement cash-out option: Allows you to buy or build somewhere else if your home is a total loss.
  • No banned dog list: Some providers won’t issue liability coverage to owners of Doberman pinschers, pit bulls and other breeds.


  • Less-than-stellar customer service: Nationwide ranked below average on J.D. Power customer satisfaction surveys and has a slightly higher-than-average number of complaints
  • Not available nationwide: Homeowners policies are not available in Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey or New Mexico.
  • Private Client brand being retired: Nationwide is transitioning away from its high-net-worth line in late 2024.
  • Can’t buy policy online: While you can get a quote on the Nationwide website, you must speak with an agent to purchase a policy. 

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Types of Nationwide homeowners insurance

Nationwide issues homeowners insurance policies in 43 states and Washington, DC. It also offers renters insurance and coverage for condos.

Basic coverage

A standard Nationwide policy includes several types of coverage:

  • Dwelling: Pays to rebuild or repair your home, including the physical structure and any permanent fixtures, appliances or attached structures.
  • Contents: Pays to repair or replace items inside your house. Nationwide offers policies that cover the actual cash value or replacement cost value of your belongings.
  • Other structures: Covers structures not attached to your house, such as a shed, fence or detached garage.
  • Personal liability: Financial protection if you’re at fault for an injury or damage to someone’s property that occurs in your home.
  • Medical payments to others: Pays for medical or funeral expenses of someone injured on your property.
  • Loss of use: Pays for food, housing and other costs if you have to relocate while your home is being repaired after a covered incident.
  • Ordinance or law insurance: Covers upgrades to meet current building codes after a covered loss.
  • Credit card coverage: Pays for unauthorized transactions on your credit cards and debit/ATM cards, as well as forged checks and counterfeit money.

Riders and endorsements

There are many ways to tailor your Nationwide policy.

  • Better Roof Replacement:® Pays for upgrades to your roof after covered damage
  • Brand New Belongings:® After your policy pays the depreciated value of an item, this add-on can pay the difference for a brand-new replacement.
  • Dwelling replacement cost: Pays up to twice your dwelling coverage if your home has to be rebuilt after a covered loss.
  • Earthquake: Covers damage from an earthquake, with a separate deductible.
  • Equipment breakdown coverage: Cover the cost of replacing a refrigerator, oven, HVAC or other malfunctioning appliance or system
  • Flood: A separate policy and deductible to cover your house and its contents from flood damage.
  • Identity theft:  Reimburse up to $100,000 of out-of-pocket expenses relating to identity theft an incident, as well as access to resolution experts 
  • Service line coverage: Pays to repair or replace utility lines running into your home.  
  • Umbrella insurance: Extends coverage for property damage, injuries and personal liability beyond your policy’s normal limit.
  • Valuables Plus®: Increases the value of coverage for high-value items like jewelry or antiques.
  • Water backup: Coverage if your sump pump overflows or water backs up through your drain or sewer.

Nationwide homeowners insurance rates

Nationwide average price quotes

Nationwide’s average premium National average premium
$150,000 of dwelling coverage $994 $1,354
$300,000 of dwelling coverage $1,681 $2,230
$350,000 of dwelling coverage $1,887 $2,490
$450,000 of dwelling coverage $2,239 $3,020
$750,000 of dwelling coverage $3,654 $4,451

Source: Average rates are from Bankrate and are current as of July 2024

Nationwide homeowners insurance discounts

Nationwide Insurance customer satisfaction

Other Nationwide insurance

How Nationwide compares to other homeowners insurance

Here’s how Nationwide Insurance stacks up against two major players in the home insurance space.

Farmers Nationwide State Farm
Availability 41 states 43 states 47 states
Average rate for $300K dwelling coverage $2,510 $1,681 $1,795
Discounts 14 9 4
Customer satisfaction score Poor Below average Above average
Complaint level Far fewer than expected
More than expected More than expected

Source: Rates are from Bankrate and are current as of July 2024. Customer satisfaction based on 2023 U.S. Home Insurance Study. Complaint level based on NAIC Complaint Index.

Nationwide vs. Farmers

Farmers Homeowners Insurance

  • Cost

    The best way to estimate your costs is to submit your information for a quote

  • Maximum coverage

  • App available

  • Policy highlights

    Policy covers your home and property damages, personal liability and loss of use

  • Does not cover

    Damage resulting from earth movement, water, nuclear hazard, failure to make repairs, war and fungi — see here for the complete list; contact a Farmers Insurance agent for a list of any exclusions specific to your state

While both companies have numerous endorsements to expand your coverage, Nationwide offers important riders that can cover floods, earthquakes, equipment breakdown and service line coverage.

Neither is a customer service standout, but Nationwide landed in eighth place out of 21 providers on J.D. Power’s survey, compared to 16th place for Farmers. Customers are more happy when it comes to the claims process, though: Farmers scored fourth out of 19 in J.D. Power’s claims satisfaction survey, while Nationwide came in sixth.

Farmers received far fewer complaints about homeowners insurance than Nationwide, according to the NAIC’s complaint index.

Read more: Farmers homeowners insurance review

Nationwide vs. State Farm

Nationwide and State Farm are fairly evenly matched on price but Nationwide has more than twice the number of discounts for homeowners insurance. If you qualify for enough, that could make a big difference in your premiums.

State Farm Homeowners Insurance

  • Cost

    The best way to estimate your costs is to request a quote

  • Maximum coverage

  • App available

  • Policy highlights

    State Farm’s homeowners insurance offers coverage that’s easy to bundle with other types of insurance and covers things like fire, theft or vandalism. It offers several discounts for home security systems and wind mitigation.

  • Does not cover

    Business or professional services, damage from flooding or underground water, earthquakes or mudslides, settling or deterioration, and animals, birds or insects.

It’s a bit of a draw when it comes to customer service: State Farm scored above average in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction study, but Nationwide did slightly better than State Farm in a separate survey on the claims process.

While Nationwide received an A from AM Best, indicating excellent financial strength, State Farm’s financial strength rating was downgraded in 2024 to a B or “fair.”

State Farm has a slight edge in availability, with policies issued in 48 states to Nationwide’s 43.

How to buy homeowners insurance from Nationwide

Is Nationwide homeowners insurance right for me?


Does Nationwide insure mobile homes?

Nationwide does not offer insurance for mobile homes.

What is Nationwide’s Better Roof Replacement policy?

Nationwide’s Better Roof Replacement can help you build a better and longer-lasting roof if your current roof is involved in a covered claim.

Is Nationwide good at paying out claims?

Nationwide scored above average in J.D. Power’s claims satisfaction survey, coming in sixth place out of 19 homeowners insurance providers. The company also received an A from AM Best, its second-highest grade and a good indicator it has the financial stability to pay out claims.

Does Nationwide home insurance cover tree removal?

Like many other homeowners insurance policies, Nationwide’s homeowners insurance coverage only extends to trees that have caused property damage.

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