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This page provides the latest feature content on Nevada Insurance Industry from Nevada Business Magazine, plus additional resources.

Latest Nevada Insurance Industry Feature

Originally published: https://nevadabusiness.com/2023/11/not-so-risky-business-what-to-know-about-business-insurance/

This page provides the latest feature content on Nevada Insurance Industry from Nevada Business Magazine, plus additional resources.

“The insurance industry has been around forever,” said Scott Kerestesi, CEO, Cragin & Pike. “It started with ships sailing across the ocean with goods and when [there was an event], it took forever for things to happen. When a building burns down it takes six, nine, 12 months to rebuild. Today with cyberattacks it’s like, ‘Hey, we’ve been hacked and we need to know what to do and we need to get this fixed ASAP.’ That’s a big change in the industry on how to react with our clients [and] dealing with claims.”

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Recent Nevada Insurance Industry Features

Industry Focus: Business Insurance
It’s no risk to say business insurance is a complicated industry. And those in the industry are going through some of the same issues as their counterparts in other fields, including staffing shortages and lingering COVID-related problems. [Read More]

Insuring Business: Guidance Through Catastrophic Times
“The reason you’re buying insurance is to provide protection from claims,” explained Brad Pearce, chairman, A&H Insurance. “So you want an insurance carrier that provides excellent claim service and excellent coverage.” [Read More]

The Insured State: Health Insurance in Nevada: Businesses can expect health insurance costs to continue to rise in the short term, but stabilization might be in sight. Nevada health insurance executives suggest a number of factors could indicate relief for businesses when it comes to health insurance costs in the long-term future.  [Read More]

Industry Focus: Insurance: Changes are occurring in many aspects of insurance including auto liability, construction-defect and, most notably, health insurance. While it may be a time of transition for insurance brokers and carriers, industry leaders are hopeful that stability will quickly follow. Recently, insurance executives met at the the Las Vegas offices of City National Bank to discuss new developments and the health of the industry. [Read More]

Taking Cover: Trends in Nevada’s Commercial Insurance: When it comes to risk and managing risk, successful CEOs understand the importance of thorough planning and solid insurance with up-to-date information on the latest rules and regulations. [Read More]

Industry Focus: Insurance (2015): Combating a trend towards faceless online insurance purchases, Nevada Insurance Industry agents and brokers seek to educate the market on the importance of a trusted insurance advisor. Recently, executives in this industry met at the Las Vegas offices of City National Bank to discuss the challenges they face.  [Read More]

Health Insurance Update: The Real Cost of Healthcare: The healthcare industry, over many years, has been undergoing a gradual but major shift in how insurers pay providers. [Read More]

Thinking ahead: The Ins and Outs of Business Insurance: Business insurance exists for one reason: to protect your business from essentially two categories of threat – those arising from people in our litigious society where anyone who owns a business can be considered a deep pocket target, and where damage caused by your business’s product or advice is actionable; and to protect against Mother Nature and all her occasionally devastating glory.  [Read More]

Nevada Insurance Industry Resources

Nevada Division of Insurance: With a mission to protect the rights of Nevada consumers in their experiences with the insurance industry and to ensure the financial solvency of insurers.

Nevada Independent Insurance Agents: Nevada Independent Insurance Agents is the largest association of independent agents in Nevada, serving hundreds of members and their employees statewide since 1916.

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