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New Oregon consumer protection laws cover issues from breast exam insurance to regulating data brokers

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — Many new state laws are going into effect at the start of the new year, including several consumer protection laws taking effect Jan. 1. NewsChannel 21 takes a closer look at two of the new laws, Senate Bill 1041 and House Bill 2052. 

Senate Bill 1041 is related to health insurance coverage of breast examinations. It prevents group plans or individual health plans that cover supplemental and diagnostic breast examinations from imposing co-payments or any out of pocket expense.

 “It’s really just kind of closing a loophole that says these are covered and they are at no cost to individuals,” Oregon Division of Financial Regulation Public Information Officer Jason Horton said Friday.

The requirement will become a standard part of insurance plans.

“As a regulatory agency, we want to make sure that that health insurance companies are following the law, and breast examinations are a standard coverage required in Oregon,” Horton said.

Another law, House Bill 2052, will cover data brokers, a third-party entity that purchases your email addresses and phone numbers from places that you have registered with. 

The new law will require data brokers operating in Oregon to register with the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services before collecting, selling or licensing brokered personal data in the state. 

“It is intended to improve the transparency and provide opportunities for Oregon consumers to take action,” Horton said.

The new law will help consumers limit or cut down the use of your personal information.

The Oregon DCBS will monitor those companies to make sure that they’re following the law and if they’re not, then  enforcement action can be taken.

“Any time a company or an entity is revealing people’s personal information with potential malicious intent or publicizing victim information, we are definitely going to be involved.” Horton said.

The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation is part of the Department of Consumer and Business Services. It’s Oregon’s largest business regulatory and consumer protection agency.

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