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Over 242 Million Americans Face Furniture Damage, Spending Billions on Repairs

New research unveiled by Allstate Protection Plans in their ‘Furniture Damage Survey’ highlights a widespread issue affecting over 242 million Americans: furniture damage.

Remarkably, 37% of these incidents involve pieces less than a year old, leading to an annual expenditure of roughly $23.5 billion on repairs and replacements. The study emphasizes the unexpected financial toll on households and suggests protective measures to mitigate costs.

Staggering Costs and Common Casualties

According to the survey, Americans spend an average of $287 on furniture repairs, with a significant portion (49%) of damaged items originally costing over $500. Sofas, being the most frequently damaged item, account for 34% of incidents, primarily occurring in the living room. Spills emerge as the leading cause of damage, attributable to 54% of the cases, highlighting the vulnerability of everyday living spaces to accidents.

While nearly half of the respondents attempted to repair or clean damaged furniture themselves, success was reported by only 56%. The survey also revealed a lack of awareness regarding furniture protection plans, with only 16% of furniture owners having such coverage. These plans can significantly reduce the financial burden of repairs and replacements without affecting homeowners or renters insurance premiums.

Preventive Measures and Recommendations

The Allstate Protection Plans study suggests several preventive strategies, including pre-stain treatments and pet-proofing, to extend the lifespan of furniture. Jason Siciliano, vice president and global creative director at Allstate Protection Plans, recommends considering protection plans at the point of purchase to safeguard against future expenses. For more insights on furniture protection, interested individuals are directed to allstateprotectionplans.com.

The findings from the ‘Furniture Damage Survey’ underscore the importance of being proactive in protecting furniture from damage. By adopting preventive measures and considering protection plans, Americans can save time and money, ensuring their furniture withstands the test of daily life and accidents.

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