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Plum looks to make insurance terms and jargon fun through its ASMR marketing campaign

Plum, an insurtech platform offering group health insurance and business insurance solutions to over 3500+ corporations is looking to change the way insurance is looked at. Its goal is to make insurance terms and jargon fun through its ASMR marketing campaign.

It was launched on 5 February 2024. ASMR the company explains has proven to enhance mood, and can greatly improve sleep quality by fostering a positive and less anxious mental state, commonly linked with healthy sleep. A study revealed that 80% of individuals who used ASMR experienced an enhanced mood.

The series of videos produced by Plum is not just about entertaining content; it’s a creative solution to address healthcare problems. Recognising the importance of sleep quality in overall health and well-being, Plum actively contributes to stress reduction through its ASMR campaign.

Shreyas Achar
Shreyas Achar

Shreyas Achar, marketing head Plum expressed, ‘’At Plum, we playfully embrace the stereotype that insurance is often perceived as so dull that it induces sleep. We’re dispelling this myth with our ASMR series, which turns insurance into an incredibly soothing experience. Plum’s ASMR video goes beyond simple relaxation; it cleverly explains insurance jargon, turning complex phrases into an enjoyable audiovisual experience that redefines the traditional notion of insurance lulling you to sleep. At Plum, we’re dedicated to finding unique and creative solutions to healthcare problems.‘’

Plum has also partnered with Neend, an app in sleep wellness. Neend’s expertise in sleep wellness seamlessly aligns with Plum’s vision of advancing well-being through solutions.

Surbhi Jain
Surbhi Jain

Surbhi Jain, founder, CEO at Neend said, “At Neend, we’ve spotted a rising trend in ASMR adoption among Indians. We are glad to join forces with Plum in this initiative and spread awareness about quality sleep by providing relaxing content. Moreover, beyond just insurance and sleep, this partnership is to address holistic well-being with our shared vision.”

Plum’s ASMR campaign challenges industry norms, embraces popular trends, and demonstrates how insurance can be both entertaining and beneficial for health. The videos can be found on Plum’s official channels, offering a new perspective on insurance that is unexpectedly calming and enjoyable.

In the past, Plum has adopted a pop-culture approach to its B2B marketing campaign, making insurance enjoyable. With such campaigns, Plum said that it is looking to give a quirky approach to brand marketing by infusing humour and creativity into their strategies. As part of its marketing campaign, Plum gave the ‘Jingle Bells’ carol an insurance makeover. Additionally, the company launched ‘Cards Against Work’ (CAW), an innovative and interactive card game themed around workplace discussions, calling out universal and relatable toxic practices. These initiatives collectively showcase Plum’s unique and playful approach to brand promotion.

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