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Policy Coverage & Cost Comparison Guide Released


Published October 13, 2023

The recently released guide provides boat owners with all the necessary information to choose the appropriate boat insurance for their needs. Marine Insurance Now reminds readers of the purpose of insurance – for both automobiles and vessels – to protect against financial burdens from theft, vandalism, accidents and natural disasters.

For more information, please visit https://marineinsurancenow.com/differences-between-boat-insurance-and-auto-insurance/

The new guide is intended to help boat owners understand the difference between insurance types, enabling them to select boating insurance that suits both their budget and coverage needs. As explained in the report, there are significant differences between boat and car insurance, one being the cost. Insuring a boat is typically more expensive than a car due to its larger size, and higher value and risk of damage. To lower the cost of boat insurance, Marine Insurance Now suggests taking a boat safety course which can lower premiums, as well as reducing the risk of accidents.

Marine Insurance Now advises readers to think carefully about the type of coverage required for their specific vessel before purchasing insurance. Unlike cars that tend to have similar coverage options, boats have different requirements dependent on their size and intended use, explains the report. To ensure that potential risks are covered, readers are advised to consider how they will use their boat before purchasing an insurance policy.

“If you primarily use your boat for pleasure cruising on calm lakes or rivers, you may be eligible for lower premiums compared to someone who uses their boat for high-speed racing or commercial fishing in rough seas,” the guide states.

Another consideration highlighted in the report is location and navigation area. As different areas have different risks, location can significantly affect an insurance policy’s coverage, explains the guide. Boat owners are advised to plan where they will be using their vessel, prior to purchasing insurance, to ensure that accidents or damage happening in a specific area are still covered.

Further information in the Marine Insurance Now guide includes common misconceptions about boat insurance, where to seek professional advice and the importance of personal liability coverage.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://marineinsurancenow.com/

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