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Problem Solvers: Renters insurance

TULSA, Okla. — When our most recent storm hit, it hard, seemingly without mercy.

And whether it’s a vicious summer storm, or a winter storm, renter’s insurance can be crucial.

“I was so shocked, it was like literally raining in my apartment, it was gushing our so much that it started flooding almost immediately.”

AmanI Elsawah lost power during a recent winter storm and suffered massive water damage when her pipes burst.

Damage so bad, she was forced out of her home.

“ I had to leave my apartment and find somewhere dry and safe to go.”

Amani found herself living in a hotel and the bills are added up.

Fortunately, she has renter’s insurance, which paid some of her living expenses and helped cover much of what she lost.

Her policy costs about $20 a month.

Money well spent, according to Consumer Reports’ Penny Wang.

“Renter’s insurance can provide an important safety net if something happens.”

Besides helping cover damage or theft of your property, and reimbursement if you’re forced to move out, insurance offers liability protection if someone is injured in your home.

It can also cover some possessions when you’re not home, like if something is stolen out of your car.

But like any kind of insurance, Consumer Reports says it’s important to check your policy carefully.

“Renters insurance is fairly standardized, although coverage can vary depending on your insurer and where you live. Bottom line, make sure you understand your policy what’s covered, what’s not,” Wang says.

CR suggests getting several quotes to make sure the policy gives you what you need.

Whether that’s a low deductible, additional coverage for your valuables, or like Amani, a stay in hotel if your apartment is damaged.

“You don’t know when you’re going to need it until you need it. And once you need it, then you’re like glad that you have it.”

So Amani wants to tell folks, don’t put off getting renter’s insurance, because after a devastating storm hits, it’s too late.

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