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Property taxes, car sales, pharmacy strike: 5 French practical updates

Our round-up of recent practical articles you may have missed

We also look at how to continue getting BBC radio services in France

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Pharmacy strike gets green light 

A nationwide strike by pharmacists is set to go ahead on May 30.

The main pharmacist union in France (Union des syndicats de pharmaciens d’officine) is calling for all pharmacies to close completely on this day, in a protest against medical shortages and economic issues.

A strike of on-call pharmacists is also expected next weekend (May 18 – May 20). 

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Are you paying too much for insurance? 

A study of home insurance costs revealed properties in the north-west have on average the cheapest policies. 

Over 100,000 policies were looked at in the study, with the averages being about what is expected for a 92 m² house in each region, or a 50m² flat.

There is also a breakdown of what cities are the most – and least – expensive in France. 

In all cases, the capital and south-east were near the top of the rankings, being the most expensive areas to insure a property.

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Help listening to BBC radio shows

Certain BBC longwave broadcasts ended earlier this year, meaning classic radios in France can no longer pick them up. 

This article gives an overview of alternative options that you can use to keep listening to radio programmes and sports coverage.

It looks at digital speakers, internet websites, and smartphone apps.

We provide links for all options, as well as information on where to go if you are having trouble getting connected. 

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Privately selling a used car 

Whilst it is possible to sell a car directly to a garage in France – the choice many opt for – selling privately can help you net considerably more money.

The downside is there is much more additional paperwork involved, however this article helps give an overview of what is needed, and how it can be secured. 

We also provide tips on accurately estimating the price of your vehicle, and how to prevent being scammed when receiving payment for the car. 

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Who pays property wealth tax in France? 

Finally, this article in our ‘Explained’ series looks at France’s impôt sur la fortune immobilière, or property wealth tax. 

It covers what households must pay the tax, how it is be paid, and what the rates of tax are.

We also look at certain exemptions, such as for new residents to France. 

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