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Residents still dealing with damage from New Year’s Eve storm

A Sacramento family has holes in their ceiling along with insulation and glass on the floor after a tree fell onto their roof.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — People are still dealing with damage left behind by storms that hit Northern California over the last few weeks.

An Arden-Arcade couple reached out to ABC10 for help after having difficulties getting ahold of their insurance.

It has been nearly three weeks since a tree fell onto the home of Jon and Sally Smock, damaging three bedrooms and two bathrooms and leaving their home uninhabitable. When ABC10 went to their house, holes were in the ceiling where branches burst through, and insulation and shattered glass were on the floor.

“Almost like a bad dream,” Sally said as she showed ABC10 around her home.

For now, they’re waiting for their insurance to clear repairs. Meanwhile, their home is left covered with tarps and taking on more water as rain comes in.

“I’m always afraid that with each storm it’s going to get heavier and heavier,” Sally said.

The Smocks estimate that the tree that toppled over onto their home is around 80 years old. Jon and Sally were inside the home at the time.

“There was a huge rumble on the house. The house shook. The dogs were frightened,” said Jon.

Thankfully, Jon, Sally and their beloved dogs were safe on the other side of the home from where the tree fell and were not injured.

With the storm damage happening around the holidays, the Smocks said it has been hard to get help from their home insurance.

“The claims adjustor came and took pictures–that was almost 20 days ago,” said Sally.

She added that they’ve been advised not to clean up themselves as crews determine if there is anything harmful in the materials that have fallen down. They are still waiting for a restoration crew to come down.

“We’ve made multiple phone calls to the adjustor and others who have been here,” said Jon. “So we make calls out, nothing ever comes in, so the frustration is the lack of communication.”

ABC10 reached out to their insurance provider CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA insurer. On their website, they have a contact form for customers impacted by California’s recent storms to get a property claim started.

But beyond that, for people like the Smocks who started their claim, ABC10 is working to get answers.

In the meantime, the Smocks are staying at a neighbors house and grateful for a friend who had a tree clearing service come out.

For homeowners who are uninsured or underinsured, FEMA offers assistance for disaster recovery.

“FEMA is willing to step in and provide assistance to people to help them find temporary lodging or housing, provide them money to repair their homes,” said Patrick Boland, media relations specialist for FEMA.

For more information on FEMA assistance, click HERE or view the PDF below.

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