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Risky business for insurance in Florida

Competition brings down prices for everyone. Unfortunately, in Florida’s home insurance market, we are all being pushed into buying insurance from fewer and fewer companies. In fact, many are being pushed into state-run Citizens Property Insurance Corp.

If you read some analyses of Florida’s insurance market, this state is one of the riskiest places for an insurer to do business, not because of weather-related threats but because of lawsuits. Here’s a mind-blowing statistic. Florida has about 10% of all insurance claims in the country but about 70% of insurance litigation in the country.

That’s because of a few loopholes that the state Legislature recently closed. That’s good news because this means that more companies should want to sell policies here. That should mean better options and lower prices. Let the market work.

Bernardo Gómez, Fort Lauderdale

Climate and the economy

On the front page, the Sun Sentinel carried a story documenting rising gasoline prices as a threat to the economy. A  few pages later, another article said that this summer’s record heat might lead to a turning point on climate awareness.

Evidently, a turning point has not yet arrived. The fact is, if we still harbor any hope of saving Florida from ultimately disappearing under the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, we must give motorists price signals to limit their fuel consumption, in the form of higher prices at the pump. Personally, if I have to choose between a temporary downturn in the economy against losing my home to permanent flooding, I prefer the former option.

Thomas DeMarco, Plantation

Impeach Thomas now

Justice Clarence Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court despite his controversial past. Attorney Anita Hill testified under oath before the Senate that Thomas sexually and verbally abused her when she worked with him. She was also humiliated by questions that she was asked in public testimony. This was long ago, in 1991.

Nothing has changed with Thomas. He has no integrity, is despicable and should be impeached.

Elizabeth McCarthy, Lauderdale-By-the-Sea

Three more years

Thank you for laying out so clearly the abuses Gov. Ron DeSantis has imposed on the people of Florida. We have three more years to endure his authoritarian damage. He has contravened his oaths to support the constitutions of the state and nation.

Nancy T. Albright, Winter Park

Undoing the damage

I don’t just like Florida; I love it. What I dislike is the path that DeSantis and his sycophants have chosen. As a Florida resident for 46 years, I’ve enjoyed the relaxed Florida lifestyle, climate, beaches, lack of income tax and atmosphere of tolerance. I’m sure those things are drawing new residents to Florida, not a desire to live in an autocratic state ruled by a non-benevolent despot.

I refuse to be bullied into leaving Florida. I hope that after DeSantis leaves office, we will be blessed with a more enlightened government capable and willing to undo the damage that the current regime has foisted upon us.

James Dunne, Coconut Creek

Request your ballot

Voters! Please call your county supervisor of elections office to request a mail-in ballot. The politicians are trying hard to stop us seniors from voting, including those of us who have no transportation or are handicapped.

Ann Cimmino, Delray Beach

(Editor’s note: To contact your supervisor in Broward, call 954-357-7055. In Palm Beach, call 561-656-6208. You can also request a vote-by-mail ballot online at Browardvotes.gov and Votepalmbeach.gov.

Remembering Lolita

Lolita, a wonderful animal violently taken from her family at age 4 years and treated as a commodity for the amusement of humans, is at peace. Hopefully we are evolving and rethinking our treatment of animals for entertainment, fashion, food and sport.

Marlene Lakin, Fort Lauderdale

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