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See How This ‘Digital Insurance Wallet’ Could Save You Money on Car Insurance

Marble (marblepay.com) is a personal finance app that works like a digital wallet for all your insurance policies — from auto insurance to life insurance and more. This insurance app could be helpful for anyone who wants to compare price quotes on car insurance, get better insurance policies for different ages and stages of life, and more. 

Let’s look at a few ways the Marble insurance app can help make your life easier as an insurance policyholder — and why finding lower-cost insurance might be more important now than ever before.  

What is Marble: Insurance app for cost savings 

If you’re a typical American adult, you probably (hopefully) have several types of insurance — such as auto insurance, homeowners or renters insurance, health insurance, and life insurance. 

But even though insurance is a huge part of people’s financial lives, and a monthly expense that people keep paying, many people don’t really understand what’s in their insurance policies or how to get a better deal. Insurance can be complicated, and most people don’t love reading the fine print on their policies, or sitting through sales pitches from insurance agents. 

This is where Marble can help. Marble works as a helpful guide to manage your insurance policies. In the same way that budgeting apps can connect to your bank accounts to track your spending and find opportunities to save more, Marble takes a big picture look at your insurance policy details (with your permission). Then, Marble manages your insurance for you — by recommending different insurance policies that could give you better coverage for your needs, lower premium costs, or both. 

How the Marble insurance app works

When you sign up to be a Marble insurance app user, you just have to follow a few quick steps: 

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  1. Tell Marble if you want to use the app to manage your policies, shop for better insurance deals, or both. 
  2. Tell Marble which insurance policies you have. Marble supports auto insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, life insurance, and pet insurance. 
  3. Enter your email address and set up an account. 
  4. Give Marble your name and other details to complete your profile. 

The Marble insurance app has a special feature called Marble Rate Check™ that ensures you’re getting the best insurance rates for your coverage type. It also gives you a digital wallet to store your insurance policies — instead of worrying about remembering multiple logins or losing important paperwork. Marble even reminds you of your policy expiration dates, in case you need to renew your insurance or make changes.  

Americans have been struggling for the past few years with higher prices for groceries, cars, and many other everyday items. When you go shopping for a car or airfares, do you take the first price that’s listed, or do you try to find the best price? Most people price-shop for items like cars, flights, hotels, and even groceries — switching to generic brands if needed. 

But strangely enough, many Americans do not price-shop for car insurance. Recent research from The Motley Fool Ascent found that 75% of Americans do not shop around for new car insurance each year — instead, these people just stay with the same car insurance company even if they could get a better price elsewhere. 

The Marble insurance app can help you shop for better deals on car insurance (and other types of insurance) with some of the best car insurance companies.  

Bottom line 

The Marble insurance app is a great way to shop around for cheaper car insurance. This app can be your new “digital wallet” for insurance policies — reminding you of expiration dates, keeping all your policies in one place, and helping you find a better deal on car insurance and other insurances as your financial needs evolve.

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